The Perfect Home


When I relocated to my ancestral home, in Donegal back in 1999, I did not realize it would take me eleven years to find a permanent home!

I lived among my relatives back then, in a home filled with memories of my past life in Scotland.  Every room held belongings related to my work as a therapist and a teacher of self healing.  I even had my work desk in the kitchen!

In early 2003, I journeyed to India on a spiritual pilgrimage, where I spent time in the ashrams of avatars Sai Baba and Amma; I then moved to Bylakuppe, near Mysore, spending time with the Tibetan Buddhist community.

On my return, I relocated to (what I thought would be) a more serene setting, in the townland of Kerrytown, where the Virgin Mary appeared to a series of visionaries back in 1938.  On the second night in my new home, a bog fire raged around three sides of the garden.  Fire is symbolic of cleansing, followed by renewal…

Three months later, I found a new home on top of a hill with tremendous views of the wild Atlantic Ocean, where I succumbed to fibromyalgia and had to rebuild new healthier foundations, bit by bit.  This part of my journey took two whole years of resting, gentle walks on the beach and a return to creative writing.  The Atlantic winds blew away the cobwebs of my past!

A more sheltered home followed on the edge of the next village.  It held beautiful views of a lake with swans swimming gently and gracefully.  The previous owner John Mór, was an avid gardener, and I believe his spirit encouraged me to retrain in Organic Horticulture.  I had been an avid gardener for most of my life, yet I did not think on it as a possible career.

In September 2010, I settled into my current home in the midst of the village – supported by kindly neighbours, sheltered from the elements and most importantly having a blank canvas of a garden to paint with flowers in my own unique design!

I have put down new roots here and embraced a part time career, teaching Organic Horticulture to children.  Thankfully, this home is available as a permanent base!

How does your home reflect the issues you need to heal?


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