For Whom The Bell Tolls


I lost a dear, dear friend on Thursday.  His name was Danny; he played the guitar for our church choir and he helped me adjust to a new role, as the newest choir member, welcoming me every Sunday with his cheeky smile, by lending me a tape recorder, telling jokes, giving me music tapes and setting a good example of loving kindness to everyone he met.

Danny died suddenly so I did not get a chance to say “Good bye.”

However, I will sing my heart out on Thursday at his funeral, among a myriad of music lovers, friends and family whom he touched on his journey.

I wrote this poem last year and I will share it now in Danny’s memory:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Seagulls scream overhead,

Above the mighty bell,

While Inis Caorach lies silent,

Between two stone walls,

In Loving Memories fill my gaze,

Of a dear wife and mother, husbands, daughters, sons….

Short sacred memories of infants and newborn,

Sarah, Peter, Rose and John,

Con, Connie, Cornelius….

Lie beneath Celtic Crosses or marble standing stones,

Inishal, Crohy Boyle, Bunawack,

Derrydruel, Milltown and Craghey,

No townland remains untouched,

One inscription says it all,

“For whom the bell tolls, the bell of the angelus, remind me of ye.”




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