16 thoughts on “Thought for Today – 1 June

    1. Hi Shiva. I just read your post. I really enjoyed it but could not find a like or comment button. Where are they hiding? The scent of jasmine is one of my lovely memories of India and the garlands for pooja. Your plants are very lucky to have found such a great home. Please give my regards to your lovely wife.

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      1. Brigid!
        See in my theme the posts are displayed but like button is not shown, you have to tap the Title which is on the left hand upper corner in Black and white, I usually put another title in colour. I just now checked it.
        You please put the comment there on my post. I shall tell my wife about your comment. Please comment there. Tell me in your reader is my this post appearing as I am not getting to see it. Sometimes so many strange things happen here.
        Thank You.

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    1. Hi Bernadette, Carrickfin is going up later but it refused again to upload to Senior Salon so I have put a dedication to tour site at beginning of post instead!
      Sometimes posts or uploads are just not meant to be…
      Have a great day.


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