Barbed wire fences erected to maintain boundaries and secure farm animals

I am finally entering  Dutch Goes The Photo Challenge

This weeks photo challenge subject is – fences.  I am reminded of the saying “Good fences make good neighbours” attributed to the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost.

In the poem two farmers are rebuilding a stone wall on the boundary between their farms.  The purpose of the wall is questioned in the poem by one farmer when his neighbour replies:

“Good fences make good neighbours.”

If we have healthy boundaries with one another, we will have healthy friendships – a major life lesson for me !


Barbed wire fence along road to Dooey Beach

Donegal has a mixture of barbed wire fences and stone walls dotted around the landscape. These were erected to maintain boundaries between neighbours and keep farm animals secure and safe.

Sadly, there are fewer sheep, cows, horses and donkeys feeding on these pastures today.


Old fences and stone walls dot the Donegal landscape

Happily, people are returning to growing their own vegetables and fruit and Farmers Markets are making a comeback.


  1. Fences are quite topical in our house just at the moment. we have just completed new fencing on three sides of our house, coordination with our neighbours on these three different sides went well and everyone is happy. I love your photographs and I also love the idea that people are getting back to growing their own vegetables and fruit. Thank you for a lovely post.

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