Small Steps Up Mountains#1

I recently shared my own self publishing journey using the above  “Thought for Today” as a prompt.

Since then, I have pondered on how I could use it to inspire others on their paths.

Last night, my inspiration came!

I would like to feature some posts later in summer on others “Mountains” both big and small.  So, I am looking for volunteers to chat to and ask questions such as:

Who or what inspired you to start the ascent?

How did you break the climb into manageable bites?

Who supported you along the way?

What have you learned?

What are you thankful for?

Is there any part of the journey you would have done differently?

I will publish your stories on my blog with a link to your blog, or simply use it as a writing prompt for others.  Time will tell!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to re – blog this post.




38 thoughts on “Small Steps Up Mountains#1

      1. Let me give it some thought as to whether I have something done something. Blogging and exercising come to mind, although I am not currently exercising anymore. I let you know if I have a story. 😊

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  1. Brigid, I am looking forward to the outcomes of this. I really would love to one day – publish. It will be wonderful to learn from yourself and all the other wonderful folk who have published and learn from them.

    What an amazing feet to publish a book to write the mountain baby step at a time. Wow – Congrats again to You Brigid – what an amazing achievement.

    Speak soon Bella

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  2. So now I find myself engrossed in your story and trying to find the original inspiration you shared. My own journey began while I was very young, continued for many difficult years and began to ease when I was in my 50’s when I was finally diagnosed with MS. That diagnoses gave me the answers I needed to continue on alone, unsupported by anyone, and now at age 73 I am getting closer to the pinnacle of my mountain, You are a very inspiring person and I am looking forward to reading all of these stories about other inspiring people. Thank you for this, and thank you for finding my blog and following me.

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    1. Having a diagnosis helps. I have fibromyalgia and auto immune disease . You can read a little about it on my About page. I do hope you find blogging a support. There are LOTS of great blogs and bloggers out there who have inspired and supported me. I am still a newbie!

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      1. Oh, you poor sweet person. I have friends with Fibro and I can’t imagine the pain you all feel. MS is a stroll in the park compared to that, but it is like comparing apples and oranges. I’ve been blogging for several years, mostly with WP, but also a couple of other venues, and it has done me so much good. I tried to retire the Kentucky Angel persona last year during a time of family loss — first my grandson to suicide, my uncle to cancer, then my Mom to –well, I’m not sure what her official cause of death was, but at 96 years of age and having raised seven kids, she was probably just worn out. After her death, we had a couple of months respite before my husband’s death in late October. My WP family helped me thru out the ordeal of that time, but my own health began declining at that time. I was so exhausted by then I simply shut my computer off and tried to stay away from it. As you have seen, it didn’t work out, and after a diagnosis of cancer, I began a new one on my journey toward death. Miracles still happen, and after the third test all the symptoms and the new tests showed it had disappeared, the heart symptoms turned out to be MS related (MS Hug), and now I’m planning ahead again. I HAVE decided not to shoot for 150 more years, though I am thinking more like 25 to 30. Since I’m already older than dirt I figure that should get me close to the century mark.

        I have always fought this thing with humor and laughter, mainly because laughing makes prettier wrinkles and crying about it all gives me a headache. I’ve also been blessed with the ability to see the absurd, crazy and just plain silly things around me that people seem to think are so important. So, on my good days, I blog, and on my bad ones I cook, color, crochet, take photos, and just plain look around me for the funniest things to make other people see how funny haha this world actually is. Hey, I’m 73, almost 74 now, so I have that old person right to do what I want, right? Laughter is still, and always will be the very best medicine. Try it sometime. When you are feeling the very worst, just look around you and find something to laugh at. It’s amazing how much better that will make you feel (and it makes the rest of the people wonder what is so funny. Usually it is one of them, but—).

        Sorry for this long reply. I’m famous for these, usually about something that has angered me, so as I always say, I’ll get off my soapbox now and give you a huge break. If you actually read this far, you need a break by now. Take care of yourself now, because I love your blog handle. Mind if I call you Daisy? My very favorite flowers, actually.

        Hugs, Angie

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      2. Thanks Angie for your lovely reply. My you have had a LOT to cope with! I am really sorry and sad for all your loss. I have had a lot of loss at times too and my journey has taught me to enjoy every single minute here on Earth. I love the blogging community and although everyone is far away in miles, there is such great support. Bless you. I love angels and find great healing in meditation and prayer. Take care.

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  3. Hi Brigid, I’m back. I read your About. You have climbed many mountains and are still climbing. I don’t want to have a pity party, but I want to say that I am grateful my my extended life from a harsh, near death (as my husband said) chemo treatment of my cancer. My own doctor for 20 years and the oncologist said they had never heard of my type of melanoma. Anyway, a long journey and I have been in remission for seven years and am still doing well. The only thing is to deal with the daily maintenance of lymphedema.
    I am off of all the medication except one that I am taking the lowest dosage possible. Yes, I believe in natural healing, meditation, contemplation, herb, use some aromatherapy, yoga, gardening, and a year ago, started to learn drawing and watercolor. Exercise, rubbing (sometimes takes a couple hours) to reduce the swelling is my daily routine. I just accept that as my “new normal.” – one of my post.
    I like your Thought of the Day. I like your starting a journey of mountain climbing – writing about it.
    Well, I had so much problem with my swelling leg that my daughter and son-in-law didn’t think I could walk a long distance when we went to Mount St. Helens in Washington, US. I surprised them. They said had they know that I could walked that far,they would have planned a longer period of time for our mountain trip.
    Mount St. Helens was erupted in 1980 when I was a student in Seattle, and watched the news everyday. So going back to visit was a special trip to me.
    I’ll come back to read more of your inspirational Thought of the Day.

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