A Scottish Holiday


Standing among the Amethysts in Jupiter Sculpture Park

I continued my Scottish holiday last week with another BUMPER week of blessings.

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the company of a dear cousin in the picturesque town of Callander known as “The Gateway to the Highlands.”  I spent the first year of my life in its midst, before migrating to a village called Kippen a few miles away.  I stopped off in Kippen to reminisce on days gone by but was saddened to see many shops and businesses disappearing with the sands of time….


Seals languishing on the rocks of Fife

Back in Fife, I enjoyed two more delightful picnics with my dear sister and dogs Harmony and Emerald, enchanted by seals playing on nearby rocks.  What a joy!

Next day, I was taken on a mystery tour to a sculpture park laden with wonderful exhibits, including an underground room filled with Amethysts.  I was in crystal Heaven.


Tea and cakes in the greenhouse

In the afternoon, we visited a beautiful herb garden where we took tea and cakes surrounded by grapes and peaches in a handsome greenhouse.  It was an AWEsome day.

I ended my Scottish holiday in Edinburgh, staying with my niece and her partner in their central flat with its own roof garden.  I took LOTS of photographs of Edinburgh’s skyline for future posts.

They treated me to a mammoth banquet of Spanish tapas on my first night – YUM!

Next morning, we meandered in the gardens of Princes Street for this weeks post “Flowers in Bloom” and shopped at a well known homeware store where I procured a copy of the cookery book – Good+Simple by the lovely Hemsley sisters.  I also invested in a spiraliser ( a device that creates lovely vegetable spaghetti) so I will be creating a number of new VERY healthy culinary delights in the coming weeks!

I ate homemade pizza and lemon meringue pie on my final night in Bonny Scotland, made by my in house chefs.  I felt incredibly spoiled…

Bidding final, tearful farewells, I made my way to Edinburgh Airport in the new tram system, before flying home to the Emerald Isle.

I have yet another major blessing to celebrate this past week – I have reached the long list for the Health and Wellbeing category of the Irish Blog Awards.  Watch this space for further news….



  1. That’s what you call putting the sparkle in a post – WOW that Amethyst room looks spectacular! I love the name of your sister’s dogs too – how adorable.. It sounds like a wonderful trip! x

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