52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 7


How time flies – I cannot believe it is mid August already and I have been blogging for nearly six months!

A big thank you to all my followers – I could not have gotten this far without your feedback and support.

It has been a very busy week catching up with my own blog posts and all the lovely blogs that I follow; I am now caught up, so I can slow back down again!

I was both surprised and saddened to see that some of the blogs I have followed these past months have folded – around fifteen in total!

I have also been reconnecting with friends and family, visiting my lovely aunties and cooking a welcome meal for my “Aussie Auntie” who has now returned to Sydney.  These are all priceless memories.

I returned to our church choir on Sunday and was so glad to be back singing; it is such a JOY and I feel much better for my music therapy.

Later that day, I was reminded once again how precious life is when a dear gentle cousin died aged 83, after a short illness.  He had a most beautiful funeral on Wednesday filled with glorious music, fine words and LOTS of tears.

I have spent a few VERY happy hours pottering in my garden, cutting back old growth to make way for the new.  Summer is receding and I am already planning my planting for next spring…

Have a great week.



  1. Hi Brigid, I read this blog when you first posted it, but only got time now to comment. I love this post, for the gratitude and for the way you acknowledge life – I find it really inspiring and freeing to write like this, and I will definitely make it style in my journal. thanks for sharing.

    Have great weekend, and week if we dont speak before.
    Regards Bella

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      • Hi Brigid, I am enjoying working 3 day week at my old job which I always loved, From degree to now I have always loved working with database and creating business solutions. I am so lucky that my old company took me back part time when previously I worked full time and silly hours. Mum and I do two morning at the Brahma Kumaris Charity – doing a data entry, the chores get down somewhere in all that. I am struggling to juggle it all, and just a bout staying on top of it, as long as me working doesnt impact mums health then we are good. But having said that , think I am finding it really hard to commute to london , but do love my job… been doing this type of HR systems and Payroll stuff most of my post degree life. so thank for being part time – could not be full time, and i want balance of meditation, charity and earning money to live comfortably…

        hope you are well and enjoying retirement

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      • Glad you are managing OK. Take good care of YOU too. I am doing better and enjoying being retired but still plenty to fill my time. My lovely sister arrived from Scotland today so looking forward to great fun with her. Have a great week. Blessings.

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