Small Steps Up Mountains#10

I have three equally AWEsome blog posts to share with you this week, on topics of health and well being, a positive attitude and caring and sharing.

Miriam from “The Showers of Blessing” blog shares her New Normal after seven years remission from cancer.

Miriam from “Outanabout” blog shares some very inspiring wisdom, poetry and photography in The Path

Carol of “CareSA Foundation” blog shares how small gestures of goodness can make a huge difference to others in Parallel Dreams

Thank you to each of you for allowing me to share your posts.

If you have a post(s) that illustrates how small steps can get you up a huge mountain, please contact me and I will include you in this weekly prompt.

If you are considering the path of self publishing my posts:

Small Steps Up The Self Publishing Mountain and

Small Steps Up The Self Publishing Mountain#2

might inspire you to take the first step to publish your writing.


12 thoughts on “Small Steps Up Mountains#10

  1. Brigid, I would like to send you two poems that you may wish to share as part of “Small Steps Up The Mountains.” I am still new to blogging and cannot figure out how to contact you. Please email me at or through my blog. I appreciate the light you are bringing to others through your blog. Be well, Ali

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