52 Weeks of Thankfulness- Week 13


Today’s “Thought for Today” is:

“When life gets stormy, ask for help.”

My quotes are usually taken from my own learning experiences and this one was no different.  I have weathered many storms in this lifetime and asking for support has been a steep learning curve for me…

Thankfully, I have now learned the lesson!

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by my “to do” list last week; I asked for help and LOTs of help appeared!

I travelled to Dublin last Friday and I now have help for e-formatting, designing my book cover and getting reviews – all from the very kind people at http://www.booksgosocial.com

I have also had an abundance of positive comments and encouragement from my fellow bloggers this week.

As a result, I feel less anxious about self publishing my e-book on 14th November.

So this post is a HUGE thank you to all those who have supported me;  I would not be able to do this without you.

If you would like to join in this writing prompt please press the frog on Bernadette’s post 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 13




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