The Wisdom of Children

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I was incredibly moved this week by a post from Carola of “My Dear Yellow World.”

Carola volunteers in a hospital, working with children who suffer from cancer and shares many insights on love, courage, determination, overcoming fears, sharing dreams, true happiness and the miracle of prayer…

She writes “I have learned that death is hard but it is only a “see you later” and not a “goodbye”.

You can read her incredible post What Cancer Kids Have Taught Me

I follow a number of creative cooking blogs but none as stunningly beautiful as Sumith at Keralas Live  whose food is prepared with love and is indeed a work of art.

The post I want to share with you has “a peacock of dill leaves, pear, kiwi,blue berries, water cress, mustard cress, carrot and cardamom seeds.  And the feathers with dill leaves, kiwi, carrot and grapes.”

The most beautiful letter is embraced by the peacock, from Sumith’s 6 year old son Ryan. He urges each of us to take small steps to care for our dear planet.  You can hear Ryan read this letter at:

An Open Letter To The World

We can all learn so much from children!





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