Ebola in Liberia



Last week, I happened upon an incredibly inspiring blog post which really touched my heart.

“In 2014, Liberia was literally shut down because of the Ebola outbreak.  With the disease running rampant, schools were closed with no sign of reopening in the foreseeable future.”

Sang Kromah the founder of Project GirlSpire tells the story of human resources specialist Brenda Brewer Moore who set up KEEP, the Kids Educational Engagement Project, at the height of the epidemic in Liberia.

Tragically, more than 28,000 cases of Ebola were recorded in West Africa and more than 11,000 people died.

Liberia had just 50 doctors prior to the outbreak to care for a population of 4.3 million!

This post is a HUGE reminder of how lucky we all are ….

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