Small Steps Up Mountains#16

I follow many bloggers who have survived more than their share of life’s challenges, yet still manage to find blessings in the little things many others take for granted.

Ingrid has created an incredibly inspiring blog called “Something Wonderful”.  In her first post she describes her daily ritual of choosing “a meditation flower to set my intentions for a new day of POSSIBILITIES”

I guarantee you will feel inspired if you read it.

I love makeover stories too and I have been following The Love Shack for some time.  Lacie and her husband survived an incredibly difficult period in their lives detailed in “Our Story.”

She has written a lovely post telling her life story as the Fairy Princess meeting her Prince Charming in Once Upon A Time

Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween.

15 thoughts on “Small Steps Up Mountains#16

  1. Thank you Brigid for mentioning my blog. I am so grateful to you for mentioning it. I have been enjoying your daily thoughts and reminders, they’re another great way for me to start the day!

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  2. I think you are right Brigid so many times the only way to overcome life’s challenges is one step at a time…the slow and steady approach is the only way over the mountainous obstacles we can face in life. Jo

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