52 Weeks of Thankfulness- Week 20


I live in a small, two bedroom, terraced cottage  in the heart of County Donegal on the North West corner of Ireland.  It is an area of outstanding natural beauty but we are subject to unpredictable Atlantic coastal weather patterns!


A local beach

October was a beautiful, dry, sunny month but sadly, November has started off somewhat cooler and wetter…

This week, I am incredibly thankful for a cosy home.  I realise that many others around the world, are not so fortunate.

I used to have an open fire in my living room which I loved.  However, my lungs did not!

Last winter, I closed up my chimney and relied solely on oil to heat my home.  I had a major insulation upgrade completed recently, which is already reducing my oil consumption.

In an ideal world, I would have a wood burning stove but financial restraints make that a future dream.

If you would like to participate in Bernadette’s “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt please press the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash posts beautiful, daily grateful posts.

Please check out both of these inspiring blogs.


  1. Your beach is lovely but I understand the bone-chilling Atlantic Ocean weather. As far as heating homes, we have wonderful results with a pellet stove…fireplaces are alluring but terrible for heat sources and the smoke is horrid. Pellets are easy to operate, smoke free, and have the glow of a fire. Just a thought. 🙂

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  2. Since I live in America this post was such a fresh breath of Ireland air in spite of the recent election events and the response. Every other thing on my news feed is regarding the election, so this definitely was a nice reprieve. Thank you for sharing!

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