Untangled- A Story of Resilience, Courage and Triumph


I am incredibly honoured to introduce you to a very courageous lady called Alexis Rose  She is the author of a book called “Untangled – A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph” sharing her story of “abuse, torture and threats to maintain her silence.”

I find it difficult to imagine how anyone can survive such terrible suffering, and yet write so beautifully.

In With Hope I Can Conquer Mountains Alexis shares the hope she has in her heart, despite suffering from PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder.

I was incredibly humbled by her post The Mirrors In Our Life which ends with:

“When I need reassurance on those really, really bad moments, I ask “What am I doing” and hear mirrored back to me, “Healing.”

The front page of her blog contains yet more beautiful words:

“Be proud of who you are. You are beautiful, as perfect as the flower growing in the earth.”

Please call by, and meet this extraordinary woman.  It is through sharing and supporting one another, that we too can climb life’s mountains.


  1. Thank You so much! Wow, what a beautiful and humbling introduction. I’m grateful that we’ve connected with each other. I look forward to much more sharing with each other as we walk this journey. Big huge hugs to you! 🙂

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