52 Weeks of Thankfulness- Week 22


Last week was incredibly exciting, and I needed to get back to some kind of new normal after my book launch

I caught up on my housework, increased my walks in the fresh air, rested awhile then started some Christmas shopping…

A visit to a local Christmas Craft Fair was pencilled into my schedule for Sunday; I simply could not miss it, for I knew Santa Claus would be coming to town!


Santa’s Grotto awaits his visit

There was a wealth of delicious homemade cakes, crafts and children filling the room when I arrived.  Santa’s grotto lay empty awaiting his visit.


Santa rolling on the floor with laughter

I had a little time to walk around the stalls before Santa arrived with a sack full of toys, ringing his bell, reciting “Ho, Ho, Ho…”

He was indeed a very merry Santa and entertained us all with his antics – rolling on the floor, chatting to everyone, dancing a conga…

I thoroughly enjoyed my break from reality.  A visit to Lapland is high on my wishlist!

If you want to join in Bernadette’s “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt please click on the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash posts daily grateful posts.

Please call round and say”hello,”or indeed”Ho, Ho, Ho!”


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