My Top Ten Tips for Self Healing


I am scheduling some tasters of my book Watching the Daisies – Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow over the coming weeks.  Instead of starting at the beginning, I will share my book’s ending – My Top Ten Tips for Self Healing!

  1. Have faith in a Higher Power.
  2. Appreciate every day, and its gifts, for Life is perfect, right NOW.
  3. Become proactive, research support groups and learn from others with your disease.
  4. Seek out a sympathetic GP and consultant, and write down a list of questions before each visit.
  5. Trust your intuition on what is the right treatment package for YOU; explore natural medicines and conventional medicine options, for both paths have much to offer.
  6. Avoid isolation;cultivate mutually supportive relationships with family and friends; ask for help when necessary, and do not hide your true feelings behind a mask.
  7. Learn to be gentle with yourself; REST and PACE your activities.
  8. Find a JOYFUL form of exercise, and create a programme that nourishes you on all levels.  Be prepared for setbacks but remember “This too shall pass.”
  9. Eat small regular meals, avoiding highly processed foods.  You may find some foods exacerbate your symptoms – seek professional advice, and eliminate any dietary culprits.
  10. Nurture creative hobbies and a career path that feeds your Spirit.  Serendipity will do the rest!

 I think they are all good tips for general well being.

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