The Wild Atlantic Way – Carrickfin



Errigal Mountain – the highest peak in Donegal at 2457 feet

I lost my photographic mojo for a couple of months, due to the loss of thousands of photographs from the hard drive of my old computer.  Sadly, they cannot be retrieved despite professional intervention…

I would urge you to keep backups of everything, as once lost, files are gone forever

Happily, there have been a few great photo opportunities recently, so I am sharing my best pictures below, plus another movie, for this thankfulness post.  If you missed my first movie, you can watch it here

I live in Annagry – the village that appears in the distance. It is located around two miles from Carrickfin Beach.

img_5775Carrickfin Beach


One of my friends

This week, I walked gently across Carrickfin beach, watching LOTS of small birds playing in the sunshine.  Bliss!


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