Small Steps Up Mountains#21


Approaching Christmas, I felt it very timely to share a beautiful but poignant post from Jeanne called New Mom

On September 11 2001, as the world was shocked by events unfolding in the World News, she held a new baby in her arms from a domestic adoption and recounts ” And Suddenly I Became a New Mom Holding a New Baby in a New World.”

The domestic adoption required the child to be with their new family for a year, before the paperwork was finalised.  The babies birth mother took her child back after 3 months and Jeanne was left shocked and saddened.  She never saw the child again.

Despite everything HOPE remained, and Jeanne applied for another child through an International Adoption.  This time she was gifted a beautiful baby girl born 3 days after 9/11, “from A Mom that Had to Let Her Child Go.  To Be Raised By a New Mom”

Fifteen years later, Jeanne has two lovely daughters and shares the magic of Christmas in her post Elf Culture about her families 6 year old elf who “arrives on Thanksgiving Morning with Advent Calendars…”

There is magic in all of Jeanne’s posts for she has so much gratitude in her heart.

I wish you all a very magical Christmas and an awesome 2017.

I will be posting more “Small Steps Up Mountains”in 2017. I am taking a little break from my Monday posts, to revitalise over the holidays.

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