Creative Pursuits

I feel very blessed to live in beautiful Donegal which was recently voted the coolest place on the planet by National Geographic Traveller.


The view from my village car park

I have many relatives and friends here, and I am always thankful for their support and love. Thanks to social media, I am also able to keep in touch with many loved ones around the globe.

I enjoy gardening but it can be a very solitary hobby, so I always enjoy meeting new people in creative community classes.


My garden in summer 2016

I wrote about our church choir last week and singing remains one of my greatest joys.

My sister and I joined a Women’s Shed this autumn, and we attend weekly classes in a lovely community centre a few miles from here. Thus far, we have enjoyed a games night, a lesson in skin care and party make up, photography, reflexology and most recently, classes in up cycling furniture.

Inspired by “Interior Design Makeover” programmes on television, I decided to give my cream leather stool a makeover.  I painted it with two coats of green chalk paint, then gave it two coats of wax and a final polish.  You can check out the results below:


Inspired by my first up cycling project, I decided to transform my kitchen chairs.  Originally painted in cream, the chair legs received the same colour treatment as my stool- this keeps colour continuity in my open plan kitchen and living room!

“Watching the Daisies” being the title of my new book, I just had to add a little daisy embellishment.  A pack of pretty napkins which were hiding in my kitchen drawer, had just the right colours for my first decoupage adventure…


Our teacher suggested folding the napkin, and cutting through several layers of flowers, saving some considerable time and effort. I applied the flowers randomly to the top of each chair with wallpaper paste, et voila four new chairs brighten up my kitchen.  I have yet to add a coat of clear varnish, but I shall find time for that soon…

If you want to learn more about the art of decoupage please pop over and visit my dear blog friend Barbara  She has LOTS of beautiful creative projects to inspire you.

I added aqua aerobics to my exercise regime a couple of months ago, and I now enjoy being part of a new community of ladies, who all enjoy a good laugh and some friendly banter during class.

This Saturday we shall don our dancing shoes for a lively Christmas night out.

Last but not least, I love being a part of the blogging community.  I feel very blessed to share in your journeys.

I thank you all for your friendship and support.

If you want to take part in Bernadette’s weekly writing prompt “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” tap the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash posts daily grateful posts.

Please pop round and say “hello”.

This weeks post is a little longer than usual as I am including it in Susie Lindau’s Blessed Project  If you wish to participate, you will need to be quick as Susie’s project ends on 17th December.


  1. I feel so blessed too Brigid. I would love to call to see your beautiful garden in the new year, and hear about your Women’s Shed as we are hoping to get one going in Dunlewey. Xxx

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  2. Hi! Susie sent me from the #blessed project. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures of Donegal. Your life journey sounds very interesting! I love that you followed your passion into healing and continue to reinvent and explore new ways to offer goodness to others through your work. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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  3. What a blessed post, Brigid! You have so much positivity in your blog. The daisies on your chair are precious. 🙂 You put a smile on my face, thank you!! Glad that you love where you live, that’s so great. Many blessings for a wonderful new year to you and to your family and entire community — Debbie

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