Wild Atlantic Waves

Video of Mullaghderg Beach

The last of my Christmas shopping was completed on Thursday, as “Storm Barbara” was approaching the shores of Donegal.  In the featured photograph, she is creating huge waves off Cruit Island.

I drove to Mullaghderg Beach to capture more of these awesome waves for posterity.  I could not resist making another video!


Mullaghderg Beach with the mighty Atlantic waves rolling into shore.


I used my  zoom lens for a closer shot of the waves, standing at a VERY safe distance from shore.

img_5847-2 Arranmore Island stands proudly in the distance for another close up shot. 

Please note I did not put my personal safety at risk for any of these photographs.  I was a considerable distance from the water at all times.


  1. [D] Somehow I doubt it was such a day that St Brigid stepped ashore on the beach here by our walled garden, with an Oyster Catcher (Gille Bhrighde in Gaelic) perched on each wrist, as history tells us she did. For one thing the Oyster Catchers would have definitely preferred hunkering down amongs the rushes, and would have gladly forsworn their Gaelic name of Gille Bhrighde – servants of Brigid.

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