Flower Essences – Olive


“For those who have suffered much mentally or physically, and are so exhausted and weary that they have no more strength to make an effort.  Daily life is hard work for them without pleasure.”

These are the words of Dr Edward Bach, describing those in need of Olive Bach Flower Essence.

Exhaustion is common among carers looking after a loved one with a long term illness, parents with young children, teachers….

Bloggers who find it hard to take time out might also benefit from this remedy!


Olive helps to heal both physical and mental exhaustion to embrace vitality.

If you suffer from any health condition where your energy levels are limited, you may find Olive useful.

I take it with a combination of other flower essences, and I find it helps to maintain my well being; I do not take it year round, only as needed.

You can learn more about using these valuable tools for self healing at www.bachcentre.com

My post Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue is an introduction to Dr Bach flower essences.

24 thoughts on “Flower Essences – Olive

      1. What a pity. The other thing you could do is meditate on a particular essence and ask for it to embrace you. It is one of the principals of Radionics and other healing modalities that I know you are already familiar with. Let me know how things go for you.

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      2. Wow, impressed you are one of the few who understand about being able to do this. It is possible to use crystals, essences etc from afar. I will give it a go. Please excuse I find the notifications from here somewhat confusing at times as they do not always notify.

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  1. Brigid, Thanks for this, I will look into this myself. Today went to Holland & Barret and brought some magnesium oil spray for muscles – oh how wonderful it is. I need to look into this olive flower stuff too, sounds like it might be useful to understand. Thanks Bella

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