Today, I am thankful for rest, as I recover from my chest infection. Mother Nature has also been a great healer, as I watch her through my kitchen window.

The weather has been unusually mild, but the birds are very hungry.  They seem to be eating more than usual.  I wonder why?

I feed them with nuts, seeds, and other goodies, and they also have a little bird bath for fresh rainwater.


I made this video on a somewhat windy day, as my little bird friends swung on a food trapeze.  It makes me smile.

Paradise:In A Symbol

Golden-winged, silver-winged,

Winged with flashing flame,

Such a flight of birds I saw,

Birds without a name:

Singing songs in their own tongue,

(Song of songs) they came…

       Christina Rossetti



  1. I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better Brigid and hope you continue to improve. The robin photo is adorable as is the video. Nature is truly a wonderful relaxer and healer.. I think the birds may know that snow is on the way.. it’s hit London and Scotland but not Manchester yet.. x

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