Flower Essences – Wild Oat


Have you lost your way and wondered why you are here?  If so, you may benefit from the flower essence Wild Oat.

My first experience of feeling lost was shortly after I turned 30.  I had spent 13 years working in a life assurance office – first in the Actuarial and then in the Underwriting Department.  I did not feel at all fulfilled, yet I could not see a way forward.  


Luckily, a wise woman pointed me in the direction of Dr Bach flower essences and in particular the essence – Wild Oat.  It helped me find my Soul’s Purpose.

Within three years, I had left a life assurance career behind, retrained in Natural Medicines and had a thriving healing practice in Edinburgh…

If you want to learn more about Dr Edward Bach’s legacy please visit www.bachcentre.com

My post Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue is an introduction to using Dr Bach flower essences.


  1. I admire the way you recognised your problem and set about dealing with it. It shows how in touch you are with yourself and your feelings. I am one of those who only know about Rescue Remedy, so I will now try to educate myself a little more. Thank you

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  2. Nice post, thank you. Sounds similar to my path, But I didn’t meet a wise woman and did 20+ years in IT before retraining in nutrition and flower essences. Wild Oat is often referred to as the Compass. Lovely essence 🙂

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  3. A lovely story, I’m so pleased you found your way. I quit my job 4 years ago and became a consultant in the same field. I wasn’t as unhappy as I had more control but still felt pulled in another direction, just not entirely sure where. Today I will purchase some Wild Oat 😉😊

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  4. Ohhh this one sounds like it could be the answer to my previous question. I really am unhappy at my job, after 20 years of being there. Things have changed, it’s a family business and the son is running it more than the father now and he just does not know how to run a business. He’s a huge procrastinator and that makes life very difficult for everyone there. We have had 5 people retire and they have only replaced two so everyone’s workload has increased, mine was already overloaded. So I’d really like to stay home however I’d need to come into money in order to afford it, is there a flower essence for attracting money? Otherwise how about something to help me find what I want to do for work. xo


      • I made one a couple of years ago and about 6 months ago I was feeling discouraged so I took it apart. Maybe I should try again? I do lots of things and I listen to Abraham Hicks daily as a matter of its on right now. ☺

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