Flower Essences – Vervain


Vervain is the Bach Flower Essence for those of us who have bucket loads of enthusiasm and great mental energy.  However, the down side of these qualities are a tendency to build up stress through an inability to relax…

Bloggers beware!

Dr Bach described the Vervain personality :

“In illness they struggle on, long after many would have given up their duties.”


If like me, you have these particular over enthusiastic tendencies, Vervain could help you find more balance, to enjoy a slower pace of life…

Bach Flower Essences are usually taken as drops in water, and several essences can be combined for better results.  The essences are sold in Health Food Stores and pharmacies worldwide.

You can find out more about the work of Dr Edward Bach at www.bachcentre.com 

My post Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue is an introduction to Dr Bach flower essences.



  1. I think I may have to look up Dr. Bach. At one time I had a garden filled with herbal plants and made my own infusions. That ended when I moved to town though. No room for a garden here. And I can no longer sit in the tub to enjoy the long soaks in the herbal baths now. Only the shower for me these days. Ah, well. Such is life. The only way to live a long one is to grow old. Go figure.

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