Loch Chonaill Railway Walk


Loch Chonaill Railway Walk

Today, I am incredibly thankful to tentatively resume my regular walks; I ventured out in a temperature of 11 degrees – above average for the month of January.

The Lough Chonaill Railway Walk is just over a mile from my home, and covers 1.1 km of the route which The Lough Swilly Railway Company used to transport fish and other goods from the village of Burtonport to the city of Derry, from 1903 to 1940.


The shores of Loch Chonaill

Being a watery Piscean, I love walking alongside water, and this walk certainly lifted my spirits with an abundance of beautiful subjects to photograph.


 Shadows on the Water


Abstract Patterns


Rock Formations 


Gorse Flowering along the Path


The Far End of the Lough


The Journey Back

I soo enjoyed getting outside, and hope the mild weather continues…

If you wish to participate in Bernadette’s weekly writing prompt “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” please press the frog at  Haddon Musings

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50 thoughts on “Loch Chonaill Railway Walk

  1. Glad to hear you’re back on the road! Love the photos, love gorse – we used to have some by the gate but had to take it out as it bring about an asthma attack in my daughter when she came home from school. It reminded me of my childhood home near the river where lots of gorse bushes grew. Such a beautiful bright yellow.

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  2. So happy to read that you are back on your walks and this one is just so breathtaking, I am a watery Piscean too, so no wonder all the scenery just called out to me. Really so beautiful, especially the pathways, I really loved looking at your photographs and could actually imagine myself there with you as you told me about the lovely things along the way. Be blessed sweetie!

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      1. Happy hiking Brigid!! We’re off to a radio program taped in a beautiful old theater nearer to Los Angeles– got each other the tickets for Christmas gifts so I’m excited!! Happy hiking– hope its a beautiful day there. Blessings. xox

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      2. It was great– some cute comedy pieces and lots of folk/blue grass music. And a real enthusiastic audience who listen to the show every week. (and it was near my favorite bookstore– so we stopped in there for about an hour). Waiting to see you new photos… hugs Brigid!!

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  3. What a wonderfully inspiring part of the world you live in Brigid… to be so close to such a wonderful walk must be exhilarating and I’m so glad you’re starting to feel well enough to enjoy it once more.. xx Love the photo’s too!

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      1. Good for you Brigid.. I’ve set myself a goal to do some form of exercise every day this week as I’ve become a couch potato.. so I’m just off for a walk (not far and certainly not in such beautiful surroundings as you have so close by.. I’m jealous!) x

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