Healing Baths – Five Favourites


As a watery Piscean, I find baths very healing and comforting especially after a spot of over enthusiastic gardening. A warm bath is also wonderfully therapeutic, if I have spent too long at my laptop…

My favourite bath ingredients include:

  •  Sea salt of the unadulterated kind – I add a tablespoon or thereabouts to a deep bath. Please check the labels – it is surprising what can be added to salt!  Salt is a great aura cleanser, and I always feel much lighter immediately after a sea salt bath.  Of course there is nothing quite like swimming in real sea water. Unfortunately, the Atlantic Ocean is way too cold for me; I love to swim in more sunny climes.


  • Epsom salts are wonderful for relieving aches and pains.  They contain large amounts of magnesium, which is readily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium relaxes the nervous system, eases muscle pain and removes toxins.  It also aids in the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, thought to aid feelings of well being and good quality sleep.


  • Dead Sea Salts – Dead Sea mineral salts contain a cocktail of natural minerals.  They relieve joint and muscle pains, aid sleep and promote healthy skin, and are readily available in health food stores and pharmacies.  I would love to bathe in the Dead Sea – perhaps a trip for the future…


  • Seaweed is another natural detoxifier – high in minerals and it is completely FREE, if like me, you live beside the seaside.  If not, you can enjoy the benefits of powdered seaweed, which is both an anti-cellulite and anti-ageing!


  • Lourdes water is my ultimate healing bath ingredient. In 2012, I was very blessed to bathe in the waters of Lourdes on two occasions. I returned home with a large bottle of the healing spring water, and I regularly sprinkle a little in my bath.  It ALWAYS heals me, often in unexpected ways.


Happy bath time…

You can read more about my trip to Lourdes in my memoir “Watching the Daisies – Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow”

Salt is also very helpful as an aid to clearing clutter.  Please see my recent post Letting Go of Clutter



  1. our homes are too small to have long baths. only showers for me. but surprisingly for a Piscean I am not fond of long baths, maybe because its not our culture – feels it takes up too much time when I could be doing something else. But i enjoyed reading this my dear – sounds so relaxing and healing.

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  2. Oh seaweed…cellulite and anti-aging…I love it!! I always learn so much from you when I come by to visit! 🙂 I have a co-worker who is suffering from being anemic and right now she is filled with fluids. She started taking iron and the Dr. gave her water pills, any other suggestions? xo

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