Small Steps Up the Self Publishing Mountain#3


Last year, I created two posts about my self publishing journey : 12 Steps Up the Self Publishing Mountain  and Small Steps Up the Self Publishing Mountain#2  It is now almost three months post publication – a good time for a follow up.

Writing a book is indeed one small step on the journey; marketing and selling copies of a book is the next…

I am thankful that I created my blog well ahead of publication.  My blogging friends have:

  • Helped me improve my writing skills,
  • Boosted my confidence,
  • Shared LOTS of tips on writing, publishing and marketing.

Most importantly, we have supported each other through life’s challenges.

In the run up to my e book launch I was able to create:

  1. A book cover reveal post.
  2. A book launch party – my first self hosted blog party.  I learned a lot about blog parties from Jacqueline at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales .
  3. I included free copies of my e book to the first 10 people who re-blogged the party post.
  4. I tentatively joined Facebook shortly before my book launch, and created a series of giveaways there too.
  5. I asked for reviews from readers.  Reviews are crucial for new authors to gain credibility from a wider audience.  I had never reviewed a book before so I had to learn the ropes…
  6. I joined a book reviewing group, and reviewed other authors books.
  7. I joined Goodreads, and created an author profile.  I would suggest doing this well before publication.  I have still to create a Goodreads giveaway…
  8. I reviewed several of my blogging friends books.
  9. I placed all my reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon. I reviewed 17 books in three months.  In January, I joined the Goodread’s reading challenge to read 50 books this year.  It looks like I shall exceed my target!
  10. I joined several groups on Facebook, where I am learning more about the publishing and marketing process.

Reviews for my book began to trickle in, and I was so very glad of feedback.  Constructive criticism helps me to improve my writing skills, and perhaps write another book.


Two of my blogging friends – Sally Cronin and Stevie Turner gave me some much needed promotion on their blogs.  Both are experienced authors, and have recently launched new books.  Please call round and give them your support.

12. I joined Amazon KDP select for three months, to make good use of their FREE days.    This allows me to receive my normal 70% sales commission for the remainder of the three month period.  I have experimented with promotion of these FREE days, and it has helped me gather more information on the best marketing tools.  I continue on this rather steep learning curve.

13. I approached our local radio station, and did an interview.

14. I approached our local paper,  and they published an article.

15. Word of mouth is a great FREE marketing tool, and I network with on a daily basis…

All progress is recorded, and helps to keep me motivated and positive.

I stepped back over Christmas and relaxed BIG TIME, blogging just a little,  watching a box set of “Outlander” series 1 and 2 ( highly recommended), before I succumbed to a chest infection.  Unfortunately, the past three months were not a great example of slow!

I rested and re-blogged old posts, before deciding to end my daily “Thoughts for Today” posts.  I created a chart of your favourites in “Pick of the Thoughts for 2016”

My blog needed a bit of a makeover, so I gave it a gentle face lift over the month of January.

I am now posting less often, to allow me time on my Reader, Goodreads, Facebook and more recently Twitter

16. I bought “Twitter for Writers”by Rayne Hall and learned LOTS.  I am slowly getting more proficient.

I am gradually creating links between my Goodreads friends, blogging friends and my Facebook and Twitter followers. It is growing into a large supportive network.

One of the friends I made through the “Women Inspiring Women”group on Facebook recently created a new Mind, Body and Spirit internet radio show.  Serendipity, gifted me with a free interview – one of ten.  I passed word to some of my therapist friends.

I hope to share the podcast soon.

Last week, I revised both my Amazon categories and my price.  I shall keep a close watch to see if they need more tweaking.

This week, I am giving my first talk to a group of women with fibromyalgia.

The next step on my journey is to publish a paperback version of “Watching the Daisies.”

I am hoping to do this well before “Fibromyalgia Awareness Day” on 12 May.

Everything is unfolding perfectly…


Approaching my first year blog anniversary, I am so grateful for all your support.




91 thoughts on “Small Steps Up the Self Publishing Mountain#3

  1. Nice list of accomplishments! I’d like to know the timeline for these activities. How long have you been at this? How have your sales been? What has worked the best? And…what does success look like to you?

    I self-published 3. 5 months ago. It took me 15 years and 7k to get to that point as it was an on again off again endeavor and lost of life happened in between. Due to the nature of the content I hired professionals to assist me with macro and micro editing– which to me was completely worth the undecided attention (like paying for personal professors). I’ve done some of the things you have done and a few different things. I work full time (more than full time actually) so it has been challenging to balance. Before the book, I had two speaking engagements (after book two), I’ve blogged here just less than a year, Facebook author page check, Twitter check (but I need to study more as you did as I am not good at it…), Goodreads check (but somehow I do not like that site…is it just me?), LinkedIn check (I do well there I think), I was reviewed but the South China Post (of all papers!) and I’m in three local book stores. I’ve sold about 15oish copies and have 25 reviews on Amazon. Do you think this is progress? I thought I’d ask!

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    1. Progress is all relative. I did not publish any information about sales as the journey has been the most important part for me. My two previous posts detail the journey to publication which took more than four years. I had my work proof read at the synopsis and three chapter stage and again a second time. I had a structural edit, a final edit, a book cover design and e book format. All costs were reasonable. I worked part time due to my health but I am now writing full time. Best wishes.

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  2. an amazing journey and inspirational, so very inspirational. I will have a look at your book as soon as I get some time – it’s good to support each other and spread the word. And also lots of sound advice for anyone wanting to self publish. I enjoyed Outlander so much too. It’s so beautifully set and the screenplay almost like the book. Congratulations on all your achievements through all the trials you have been through – admire your strength and tenacity. Best wishes for your continued success and good health.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Really?! I read all her books first and when a friend told me there was a series I waited anxiously and then loved it so much. Especially the episode with Jamie’s narrative in Season 1 and when they got back to Lallybroch! Oh I am getting goosebumps remembering. Thank you for mentioning it!

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      2. Oh i am not that savvy yet! When you read the books you will hear Claire’s voice in your head – I re-read the first one during season 1, sorry but i am a huge fan of the books and series. Happy reading and tweeting!

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    1. Thank you. I look forward to reading your book some day. If I can overcome my technophobic tendencies you will too. I had very basic word processing skills this time last year. I would not have believed I would be on Facebook or twitter. I really enjoy it all now. Go for it…😊

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  3. Brigid great achievements and well done. 50 books reading challenge omg. I had noticed you had stopped blogging daily. My blog scheduke is all over the place and i am too. Mum hasnt been well and i am not so well. Congrats on you achievements i need to put a review up on amazon of your book ..i did on fb.. i am struggling with all blogging aspects of life currently…


  4. That is quite an accomplishment Brigid…You’re truly inspirational! Congratulations again on your book. I’m happy to learn about what has happened since you’re finished with the book. 🙂 I wish you more success!

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  5. Wow – what a journey and what inspiration – a great start to my next few days of inspiration! A VERY BIG Congratulations on your success Brigid – you deserve it and you’re right…. it doesn’t seem like much ‘slow’ featured in the last year for you! xx

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      1. AMAZING! even for a ‘non technophobe’!! I don’t think you can call yourself a ‘technophobe’ any more.. it sounds like you’ve got your social media bases pretty well covered! xx

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  6. Awesome! You’ve been very productive and making steps up the mountains. More than small steps, you have a well -planned and structured journey. In this post, you have provided a chronicle of your journey others like myself can follow. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, and I’m taking notes.

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  7. Jumped over from the Senior Salon
    The writing community is unusually supportive. I continue to be amazed at how you each seem to find the time to do all that you do to get your books out there, in addition to blogging, responding to comments and commenting on other blogs. I’m exhausted just reading about your year.

    One of your commenters here mentioned that they weren’t crazy about the Goodreads platform. I, too find navigating etc. cumbersome and time consuming, so I have rarely visited after setting up a profile and clicking around to see how it worked. I have not had much success with LinkIn either – but BOY did it result in a ton of marketing-spam to render my inbox practically unusable for all the e-glut. I had to open a “secret” account to get any work done or find the email I WANT to read!

    I don’t recall seeing Pinterest above, btw. That is my 2nd highest category of “referrers” in my stats, and seems to have generated NO email (or put my name on other lists). I just recently discovered that fact – after an incredibly generous writer/blogger I follow [Sally Cronin – Smorgasbord] posted a wonderful article that encouraged me to investigate my statistics and explained what to look for.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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      1. Yes, somehow I think Sally must have been granted extra hours in each of her days.

        Pinterest is quick and an easy platform to learn & navigate – or at least it was – universally hated changes recently as the entire blogging universe seems to be “optimizing” for cellphone, WordPress included, sadly. ::chagrin::

        The only thing I do with LI anymore is have my blog autopost there, otherwise I have no real affinity (or use) for it – ditto FaceBook. I don’t find most of “the socials” particularly conducive to socializing. If I never publish any of my own books it will be due to the “social” marketing that seems, more and more, to be required. ::sigh::

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  8. Wow and wow!!! Look at all you have accomplished. You are amazing, gifted, talented, wonderful, fun and most-deserving!! How proud you must feel and should! I have been working every day including weekends for far too long and the thought of being able to sit down and read your book once this is all over is my light at the end of the tunnel…sincerely I can’t wait!!! You are a very special person Brigid and it is my honor to know you, I am blessed. xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Brigid, I watched your Podcast this morning. It was so great to finally “meet” you!! I was just at the end when my phone rang so I have like 2 minutes left. Wonderful interview, sorry to hear of the losses you’ve endured in your life. You’re right we all have our life struggles and to come out with such a beautiful outlook as you have is what we all need to strive for! And we all need to slow down, it is so important, but we usually learn that the hard way. Thanks for sharing your life experiences and knowledge with us! xoxo Have a beautiful Sunday.

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      2. I can imagine that it did seem strange, I too loved listening to your accent, quite lovely!! Oh a link will be great. Thank you. Yes it snowed all day and it’s still snowing now, it’s supposed to end around midnight. We’ll probably end up with 8″-10″. 🙂

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      1. HA! Isn’t that funny, I just wrote that in my other post…phone interrupted, love it!! I definitely am looking forward to a more sensible pace!! Thank you, wishing you a slow week!!! xo 🙂

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