Looking for Lambs


Yesterday afternoon, I set out on my usual walking route, hoping to capture some photographs of new born lambs.  Sadly, none were to be seen…

I passed several grazing sheep and stopped for a few minutes to say “Hello”.


I attracted a few curious looks…


Followed by a tentative step towards my camera amidst a few baahs…

We have a family tradition of counting spring lambs in the fields on our car journeys.  I hope to see some soon.

If you want to participate in Bernadette’s “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt, please press the frog at Haddon Musings

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43 thoughts on “Looking for Lambs

  1. Hi Brigid!! You are blessed to live in a place where you can walk and see so much beauty! I’m in the suburbs–lots of traffic and asphalt. So I head to the park to walk…
    Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. any plans?? xox


    1. Hi Rhonda. I love living in the countryside but it is a drive to the cinema, theatre… Nothing big planned for this weekend but hope to get a trip to our nearest city next week. I want to enroll in a furniture up cycling day in March so I will check it all out first.. How about you?


      1. HI Brigid– I’m up in San Francisco, staying with my daughter. We’re packing up her house so they can move out for a few months for a remodel on their home. –and playing with new grand-girl, Little Lois!! So it’s a great weekend! And–what is a furniture up cycling day?? Sounds intriguing! take care… hugs hugs!

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      2. Hi Brigid– do you do your own furniture?? or trade furniture?? or get new things?? Wish I could get in on this! I have a favorite hutch from the thrift store that I painted green a few years back and then just repainted to a light blue. Have fun!! (would love to see your projects on your blog!).


  2. Not to throw a damper on things but I always look sadly at the lambs in the field. They are born at such an inhospitable time with no shelter. Many are lost to the conditions. And I couldn’t eat lamb if my life depended on it They are too precious.

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