International Book Giving Day


Today is International Book Giving Day, thus I am making “Watching the Daisies” FREE on Amazon Kindle for two days – 14/15 February.  This is my way of thanking you all for your support through my first year of blogging – I started this blog on 19th February last year.

I have learned a HUGE amount from you all, and I have made some great friends.  I would love to do a massive shout out, but there are far to many of you…

You are all an inspiration.  THANK YOU.

If you wish to participate in Bernadette’s “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt, please press the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash posts beautiful daily grateful posts.

Please call round and support them.


  1. I’ve just recently begun to transition from blogging for friends and family to blogging for a much wider community (and loving it). Seeing the growth and excitement you have after more than a year of blogging has given me a lot of hope!

    And then you GIVE AWAY a copy of your book. You’re amazing! Looking forward to following (and reading)

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  2. I think I heard your shout!!! xo So amazing…I’m counting down to reading your book…I think my weekend workings are over so now I plan to print it out and read it…can’t wait!! 🙂

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