International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a global initiative aimed at empowering women, which originated from a Socialist political event in New York, way back in 1909.

International Women’s Day celebrated its centenary in 2011, a hundred years after Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland began their support of causes for women.

In 1975, it was celebrated in the United Nations for the first time, and an annual theme was adopted in 1996.

Themes have included “Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”, “Women at the Peace Table”, “Women and Human Rights”, “World Free of Violence Against Women”…

Last year it was “Gender Parity”, a theme which still has a long way to travel in many countries and workplaces…

2017’s theme is #BeBoldForChange with suggestions for action on a number of issues:

  • Bias and Inequality,
  • Campaigning Against violence,
  • Forging Women’s Advancement,
  • Celebrating Women’s Achievement,
  • Championing Women’s Education.

The blogging world is ALIVE with great posts on many of these issues.

Here are a few inspiring links:

Bernadette at Haddon Musings writes a weekly post “Feminist Friday.” Last weeks post tells the story of Sarah Breedlove, who was later known as Madame C.J.Walker. Sarah was born in 1867, on a cotton plantation – the daughter of recently freed slaves. She became one of the first American women to become a self made millionaire, through her creation of specialist hair products for African-American women.

Dr Andrea Dinardo inspires students and educators to thrive under pressure.  In her recent post You Hold The Key she states” Everything you need to transform yourself and the world already exists within you.”

Jacqueline at “A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales” shares a wise Igbo proverb and a motivational video in Second Chances


Barbara is a cancer survivor, and shares a post on her new role as a LiveStrong volunteer in I am a LiveStrong Volunteer

Finally, Nina inspires us to “see life as a garden and we’re the gardeners planting the seeds that we will reap later in life” in Lets Plant Life Seeds Seed#1:Dream

May the blogging community continue to be a platform for #BeBoldForChange…


  1. What a fabulous post – all that you say resonates and the women’s blogs you highlight … those that I know I have pleasure in endorsing and those that I don’t I will take pleasure in exploring and I thank you. ”La femme est l’avenir de l’homme!” – “Woman is man’s future!”(Louis Aragon) 🙂

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  2. Thank you also from me in Denmark. We got the right for women to vote in 1915 so that was celebrated in 2015. I never heard of the international women’s day until in 1993 where I studied Russian in Sweden at the university. The custom of celebrating that day was very big in the Soviet Union. Not before I returned to Denmark it had become coomon here too but only like writing about women or have special transmissions in radio and tv on the subject. In the former Soviet Union the women got flowers and maybe had the day off too

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  3. This is a fantastic way to celebrate Women on International Women’s Day Brigid! I’m very honored and grateful to have my post included on the list. I will check out these other amazing posts from wonderful women bloggers. 🙂

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