A Birthday Makeover

My birthday falls on 8th March – International Women’s Day.  I felt in need of a beauty boost this year, so I booked a makeup lesson with local beautician Nikki Doherty . You can see my “before” photograph below:


I wore a jacket embellished with flowers which I hope to wear to future book signings…

Nikki is a genius with makeup and taught me how to disguise my sagging chin, the red areas on my cheeks, and the under eye shadows…

I learned how to enhance my eyebrows, choose and apply the right colours of eye shadow, and find the right shade of lipstick to suit my colouring.  I had never found a red lipstick that felt right for me, so I was thrilled when Nikki advised me to go for a red with blue tones.  You can see my transformation below:


I usually wear coral or pink shades of lipstick:


When I compared photographs, I preferred the red.  What do you think?

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82 thoughts on “A Birthday Makeover

  1. Honest answer: I prefer the pink because it has more impact and goes so well with what you’re wearing. I like that ‘pop’ of colour on you. However, the red is softer so when you’re after a softer look, then the red is better.
    That’s my humble opinion – for what it’s worth.
    You look great! Hope you enjoyed your day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I’m touched by the connection between two women on your birthday and international women’s day … and then expressing it and connecting more broadly with the world through these blogs. I get a sense of hope and joy – and feel grateful to all the people who’ve taken courageous steps before us to show us how to let ourselves shine for who we are, inside and out. Thank you.

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  3. Oh Brigid what a lovely treat for you!! She chose the perfect colors! You look 10 years younger and I love love love the red lipstick!! Your face looks brighter and alive. Sure hope you take these as only positive comments!! How fun and you look beautiful! xo

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  4. WOW!! Fantastic.. you look lovely without makeup – your eyes sparkle.. and the makeup enhances your features beautifully.. I love the red – it does really suit you and of course – the eyebrows make your eyes ‘pop’ – as my niece who’s a makeup artist would say… I love the ‘new look’ and I’m sure it’s given your confidence for those book signings a real boost.. Fabulous! I’ve had the first microblading session on my eyebrows and am due to have the ‘top up’ next week – after which I’ll be posting about my experience – I love my new brows already too..

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      1. It looks really lovely on you Brigid – getting the right shade of red has worked perfectly for you thanks to the ‘trained eye’ of the make up artist… I can definitely recommend the microblading but you do need to be very cautious about who does it.. Some people are doing 24 hour courses and then setting up and making some ‘eye sore’ mistakes!! My niece who is doing mine and has now done most of the family trained with Phi Brows and it took 12 months to reach the standard they require to pass.. I’ll post more about this when I do my microblading post.. xx

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      2. ps – the microblading is brilliant for ‘sparse eyebrows’ which growing up in the 60’s and 70’s with the very ‘thin plucked’ brows, many of us of our generation now have.. they look so natural.. x

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  5. That is a great idea for a birthday treat! I have never found a red I feel happy with either, so I can understand how it must feel to find one…and I love the red look on you! I think it suits you better than the coral and, with the outfit, completes an elegant, sophisticated look without being either aloof or “too” professional. Happy belated birthday, Brigid!

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    1. Thanks Brenda. I had never found a red to suit me before so I bought that particular red yesterday. I don’t wear makeup very often these days apart from a little mascara and lip gloss. So I am going to put on a little more now…

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  6. Happy Birthday! 💐 Love the red for special occasions, pink for everyday 😊 Thank too have found myself in a make-up rut, even more so because I’ve been trying to replace everything with vegan, organic brands, some of which have been very expensive mistakes 😕 I also have the over-plucked eyebrows issue, it’s so difficult finding a pencil to go with grey. You look fabulous 👏🏻

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  7. You look absolutely beautiful with your makeover Bridgid. Belated Happy Birthday too. I’ve plucked my eyebrows to extinction and once had them tattooed/microbladed, (disasterous, I shall never forget the look on my son’s face when he saw me for the first time with these black eyebrows, they improved as they faded and I enjoyed having them, but I don’t want to go down that road again). By the way I like both the lipsticks on you but I like the red best. I also agree with everyone your before photo is lovely too.


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