Hail Glorius St Patrick


Annagry Band braves the wind and rain

‘Tis St Patrick’s Day here in Donegal, and everyone is wearing green and/or shamrocks on their lapels.

At mass this morning, we sang “Hail Glorious St Patrick, dear saint of of our isle, on us thy poor children, bestow a sweet smile…

Sally and Angela are both in the band and the choir

They braved the wind and rain, serenading us with traditional tunes.

Saint Patrick is said to have been born in Britain around 385 AD to Roman citizens – Calpurnius and Conchessa.  He spent six years in Ireland when he was captured into slavery, and returned to these shores in his thirties, to become a missionary to the Celts.

It is believed that he explained the theory of the Holy Trinity using our three leaved shamrock.

St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the island of Montserrat.

Ireland’s patron saint is celebrated worldwide – in New York, Washington, Toronto, London, Sydney, Dubai…

I remember my aunt returning from her first trip to New York for St Patrick’s Day, recounting the absolute JOY of walking in the parade with all nationalities and creeds.

St Patrick sure left a lasting impression on mankind!

Wishing you all a very Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 








  1. How fun to read about St. Patrick’s Day straight from the heart of Ireland. Love your posts! 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Do they drink Guinness or green beer? I have my dark stout Guinness ready to go! 🙂 And where did the corned beef tradition start? I have to research that as I’ll be eating corned beef, cabbage and potatoes today as well. 🙂

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  2. The town next to me has a Huge St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. First they start with a St. Patrick’s Day Road Race on Saturday and then a Big Parade on Sunday. They start celebrating today and go all weekend long! You’d love it. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Love the background info, thanks for sharing that. xo 🙂

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  3. Hi Brigid– I’ve read a biography of St. Patrick. What an amazing selfless person. So it was fun to see your photos of a authentic St. Patrick’s Day celebration! thanks friend– hope all’s well there with you! xox

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  4. What a lovely celebration Brigid. And thank you for a little bit of the history of St Patrick’s day. I wondered and once knew but seem to have forgotten.
    A lovely post 🌺🌺


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