Rob Williams Rev1FrontA few weeks ago, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and totally out of my depth, at the thought of formatting “Watching the Daisies” into paperback form. I sent out a prayer for HELP!

Miracles do happen…

A reply came forth immediately.

A lovely Irish lady, (who had crossed my path a few months back, but I had forgotten about) e mailed me that very same day with a reminder of her skills!

She has now formatted my book, arranged a cover design, given me LOTS of tips on pricing, distribution, marketing…

This week, I spent a full day proofreading (not my favourite task), but that is all behind me now…

I am thankful that “Watching the Daisies” should be available as a paperback edition, in good time for International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on 12 May.

If you want to participate in Bernadette’s “52 weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt please press the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash posts beautiful daily grateful posts.

Please call round and say “Hello”.



  1. Congratulations on moving forward with your book in paperback. How exciting for you, as well as, a gift for others. This reminds me to ask for help. Just look at the connections that can happen. I must say, I am not very good at that skill yet. Have a beautiful day.

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  2. Oh Brigid that’s so great! I can’t wait, as I want to buy a copy. I was going to printout the ebook you sent me, as I have a hard time reading it off the computer, now I will get your hardcopy!! Perfect!! xo

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  3. From the long list of comments, I can see there are a whole lot of people celebrating with you Brigid!! So wonderful! Is there a way I can get a paper copy of your book here in the U.S.?? Is it available for sale on line? Would be exciting to have a copy! Anyway, congratulations on all the hard work coming to fruition!! Love you friend! xo

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    • Thanks Rhonda. It is going up on Amazon today so you will be able to get a copy in the next day or so from Amazon.com I am relieved to have gotten this far. Looking forward to visiting Amsterdam in a couple of weeks for a much needed rest.😍


      • Congratulations Brigid– so exciting!!! And a trip to Amsterdam??! You live in the most beautiful part of the world and so many places within reach. Hope it’s a beautiful time there. We were there a few times the years we lived in Spain– remember the huge plate sized pancakes!! have fun!! (and tell us all about it!). Have a blessed Easter Brigid– hope your singing is a blessing to all who hear… xox

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  4. Excellent Brigid. Formatting to paperback is certainly not a walk in the park. Well done. Your hard work will pay off. I’ll feature Watching the Daisies in my series.

    I am attaching the link to my video. Please support by watching and possibly subscribing.

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  5. Wow!! Brigid this is a really big deal. I am so proud of you. I’ve put the book – and you – on a confidential prayer list. (So you’ll have thousands of prayers coming your way for the highest good). Many, many blessings.
    Love, Debbie

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    • Thank you Debbie. I really appreciate it. I succumbed to shingles last Wednesday (the day my book was launched in paperback)so I am taking all sorts of natural remedies plus antiviral meds. So far it is healing nicely. X


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