http-www-pixteller-com-pdata-t-l-416066April 12 I have an aching in the right side of my abdomen today. After my usual bedtime bath, I notice a rash of red spots on my tummy and my right side. It stings a little.

I am thankful that somewhere in my consciousness, I recognise the rash as the first signs of shingles or herpes varicella – zoster virus – the same virus that causes chickenpox.

April 13 I am incredibly thankful that I have managed to get an appointment with my doctor before the Easter weekend, and I begin a course of antiviral medication. I stock up on immune enhancing foodstuffs for the week ahead.


April 14 -16 The pain has increased considerably, and I now have a very bright red rash and blisters stretching from my belly button, around the right side of my ribs to the middle of my back. I also have a fever, and feel very tired.

My sister calls with home cooked food, some DVDs and a fluorescent, plastic Easter bunny – they all enhance my bodies natural endorphins.

Sleep is now a distant memory as the virus grips the nerve endings in my lower back, tummy and side. The nerves pulse on and off relentlessly.

I am thankful for the comfort of a pillow to hug, as the night seems so very long…

April 17 I am feeling brighter today, and the redness in my skin is reducing.

I am thankful for the herb Melissa, which is growing in my garden. I have been making Melissa tea, and it is very soothing. My skin is also thankful for bathing in Apple Cider Vinegar several times a day.

IMG_6221April 18 I potter a little in my garden for a while, and I feel much the better for it.

I am thankful for more progress.

April 19 I actually manage to sleep/meditate quite a bit tonight.  I feel bathed in a healing cocoon.

I am thankful for a visit from a kind neighbour, who offers to get my shopping for me.

http-www-pixteller-com-pdata-t-l-574484April 20 Vitamin B12  rises into my consciousness today, and I procrastinate about asking my doctor for injections.

I am thankful for a dear blogging friend who gives me positive feedback on their benefits to a family member, and I pick up the phone; I have an appointment for April 25.

April 21 My skin is looking better, and the blisters are definitely drying up.

I am thankful for the ongoing kindness of my sister, who visits with a bundle of magazines to read.

Sleep is gradually coming back in small bursts. 22 My home gets a good clean today, after I take my own advice and fill small dishes with sea salt and place one in each room.

My spirits rise further when I laugh out loud at Hugh’s flash fiction “Fluff”. Last week, I would have been so glad of that screwdriver!

April 23 I have missed singing in our church choir over Easter, and I decide to join the mass today as a non singing participant.

I am thankful for a cup of tea in the church hall with my usual Sunday buddies. They give me yet another boost.

to-all-my-kind-supportersApril 24 Autumn Roberts has offered to send me some distance healing tonight, and I sleep so much better afterwards.

I am thankful for her kindness. Please call round and visit her blog In The Autumn Of My Life

April 25 My doctor gives me my first vitamin B12 injection. I feel a healing coolness travelling round my body.

Bedtime is 5.30 tonight, but I sleep the best yet.

I am thankful that the spasms in my skin and tummy are easing, and my spine already feels so much better.

http-www-pixteller-com-pdata-t-l-539122April 26 I walk to the local post office today, potter in my garden for a while, have another visit from my sister…

The worst feels behind me now, and I am thankful for each and every small step on this healing journey.

I am thankful for taking time out to heal, and accepting the kindness of others. These past few months have included a number of life challenges regarding grief and loss.

 “This too shall pass.”

If you wish to participate in Bernadette’s “52 Weeks of Thankfulness” writing prompt, please tap the frog at Haddon Musings

Deb at Once Upon A Hot Flash writes beautiful daily grateful posts.

Please call round and say “Hello”.








  1. So happy to know you are much better now. The kindness of people around you is incredible, you’ve surrounded yourself with good souls and that’s just great! Your spirit above all else is what’s keeping you going. It’s lovely to know you through your blogging space, this is perhaps what I like best about blogging- being able to connect with so many people and their lives through their space…

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  2. You have done really well – some people are incapacitated for weeks and weeks with this. Hope you recover fully very soon. What lovely friends and family you have!

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  3. Your ability to recover says a lot about the strength of your immune system. My mother in law has recently been diagnosed with shingles…at 87, she is far more compromised. She is on pain meds for arthritis, which seem to be helping her. Such an awful illness. Your positive attitude is going a long way in the healing. Glad you are feeling better, Brigid.

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      • I’m pretty sure she gets B 12 on a regular basis, glad it will help. I didn’t know about AC Vinegar ?? I’m waiting to see if the husband brings home a case of the shingles…he is there helping her out now in the senior independent living center (200 miles away). He was concerned when he learned it could be airborne. Fingers crossed.

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      • He should be OK. He might get chickenpox from her rather than shingles. The ACV is really soothing and helps dry up the blisters. I take some in water to drink twice a day for good measure. I use it neat on the skin and also put a small amount in my bath.

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  4. I am so sorry your going through that. It took 65 years but the Shingle monster finally found me last year. I was so fortunate compared to you. I had a small mostly round patch about 4 inches across on the outside of my shin just below the knee. That stuff is horrible, I can’t imagine the agony of a large area. Bless your heart.

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  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell, Brigid. My partner got Chicken Pox last year and was going through much the same as you. I laughed when he told me the Doctor had told him he had Chicken Pox, because I only ever thought that it was a childhood illness. Needless to say that I stopped laughing and looked after him as best I could while he had the condition.

    Glad ‘Fluff’ made you laugh and thank you for mentioning it in your post. I’ve another short story coming up for Charli’s flash fiction challenge which, this week, has the theme of oil. I hope it makes you laugh as much as ‘Fluff’ did.

    Wishing you a healthy, peaceful weekend. 🌞

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  6. Thank you for sharing your journey of self-care and healing, I’m glad to read that with each new day you are feeling a wee bit better – my Mom suffers from shingles, her patches seem to pop up when she is feeling stressed, your post is full of good self-care tips and I will try to encourage her to try them if her shingles return.

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    • I am so glad I wrote this post. It seems so many people struggle with a cure. I also used Aloe vera from my dear plant in the kitchen but I stopped after a few days as I did not want to take it all… I hope your mum makes a full recovery. Sending her a hug. 😍

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  7. 29th April here is a friend wishing the Best of Health.
    The support of a Sister and the service of a Neighbor is always called for.
    This too shall Pass….
    What a wonderful feeling and thought is that..
    Brigid! Sending all waves of healing with the wings of a hug.


  8. You write so beautifully, and although the subject matter was difficult for you, I loved reading this. You have so many people in your life who care for and love you. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Barbara


  9. Gosh Brigid – I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling poorly and glad you are now feeling on the better side of things.. Sounds like April’s been a tough month and thank goodness for the distance healing from Autumn.. How lovely.. It’s times like these that we learn to appreciate the wonderful people who surround us and it sounds like you received some help from some special people.. Take care my friend and sending a big hug! x

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  10. Crumbs! I’m so sorry to hear of the troubles you’ve been through.
    I’ve never had shingles but a dear friend had it a few years ago and told me of the all encompassing pain.
    Sending you my very best wishes for your return to good health very soon.
    love ~ Cobs x

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  11. Hello Brigid,
    What a wonderful way to share your healing journey by documenting it in this way.
    Thank you for all your natural healing remedies. I love hearing about how comforting and valuable they are in treatment.
    Thank you and I’m glad you’re recovering well 🙋🏻💕

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  12. I had a visit from shingles a couple of years ago. I was fortunate that the rash was not as painful as it could have been. The greater discomfort was the loss of energy, mental drain, and overall body aches. I hope you have turned the corner on the worst symptoms. I was happy to learn about your teaching about using salt. I’ve been in a process of clearing, but after clearing the first closet – I’m rethinking all the things I STILL kept that are only taking up space. I have 100 cds in a craft box I’ve kept for 6 years – thinking they could become a craft… that has never happened, and likely never will. I look at a small basket of important papers in my bedroom that I haven’t looked in for two years… how important could that be. I’m more curious than every now to see what’s there. Thanks for the encouragement.
    in lak’ech, Debra

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    • Bless you Debra. I have passed the worst. It was rather a severe outbreak and the pain was pretty unbearable. I used my usual multifaceted approach and the pain started to ease with my first B12 injection. I have 3 more to go and hope to be bouncing with health…
      Wishing you well on your clear out. It always makes space for exciting positive change. I used a salt cleanse during my shingles outbreak and I shall do another one soon. 😊

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  13. Awww..sorry to learn about the Shingles Brigid…I hope you’re doing all well now. That’s a lovely flowery plant on your pot! You definitely have a green thumb. 😊

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