Donegal Model Railway Show

In my last post, I mentioned the predictions Donegal’s prophetess Miseog made about the coming of the first railway to this part of Donegal.

Today I will share the highlights of a recent visit to Donegal Model Railway Show, hosted by Donegal Railway Heritage Centre – located in Donegal Town.

I have included this post as one of my regular  “Artists Dates” based on the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

“The County Donegal Railway and The Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway, with a total of 225 miles of track, formed the largest narrow gauge railway system in north west Europe.”

                                                              Donegal Railway Heritage Centre


Twitter: @DonegalRailway                                                              

You will find the following beautifully constructed models at the centre:

A model of the former station in Donegal Town

A model of the station in Letterkenny, including the once famous Oatfield sweet factory in red. 

Sadly, both the sweet factory and the stations are no longer in use.

My Inner Child felt incredibly happy to see such beautiful models and some incredible Hornby classics:


Vintage Hornby “O” gauge trains


1935 Hornby


A 1937 Hornby Set – cost 5 Guineas now worth 3000 Euros!

I made a video of the trains racing round the track. Sadly, it has an obvious technical difficulty. However, I felt that it was worth including nonetheless.


Although the railway is no longer in existence, a number of lovely railway walks have been created that are a great asset to our area.

My post  The Loch Chonaill Railway Walk shows 1.1km of the route once used by The Lough Swilly Railway Company to transport fish and other goods from the village of Burtonport to the city of Derry, from 1903 to 1940.

Brigid P Gallagher

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  1. I love miniature towns, roads and railways – I guess they tickle my inner child as well. Thanks for sharing all the fun photos.

    As for the Artist’s Way, I loved the book initially but bailed at “No Read Week.” I would have to have done without a week’s income, so I tossed it aside as something that didn’t really fit my life. I’m not sure a week without reading would be a good fit for me even now, *many* years later.

    Some of us paint with words, dear Julia – would you suggest “no paint week” to a painter? Or a “no rehearsal” week to an actor? Perhaps, but I wonder how truly useful it would turn out to be – and how quickly that poor actor’s director would replace him, should he try it!

    I did enjoy the “morning” pages – but I can do nothing much on awakening so, for me, they became “evening” pages. As I advise my clients, nothing works for *everyone* — take what does and toss the rest. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  2. I’ve only started to appreciate model railways through my husband’s interest. These are brilliant, so much attention to detail and it must be lovely for you to see the recreation of Donegal railway station. A fun event! I’m forwarding this to my husband and he’ll be inspired I know! After years of having trains in boxes, he’s building a track etc on shelving around his study – pretty nifty design. A lovely post, Brigid. Wishing you a great day. xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Straight back to childhood you took me. I had two brothers so railways were a big part of growing up. Those trains are fantastic and it is such a shame that the whole modeling railways thing seems to have fallen from favour.

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  4. Lovely visit to the model railway center. The trains are so interesting. I have a friend who uses one room in the house to build a railroad going around the mountain with all the miniature figurines. I guess he still has the little kid in him…!

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  5. I can remember being fascinated, as a small child, by the model railway kept by a friend of my fathers. It was on a huuuge board like structure, on a big table type thing, and he could clamber under it and then come up in the middle. He built all sorts of scenes for it – from mountains to gentle rolling green hills. And the people … oh the people! They held me spellbound. I used to stand staring at them, waiting for them to move. I was convinced that they moved the moment I looked elsewhere. lol

    GREAT post Daisies. It’s bought back many happy memories which I’d forgotten about.
    Beautiful post, fabulous photos.
    ~ Cobs. x 🌻

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  6. I am such a miniature fan. My hobby is mainly the 1/12th scale, but it all started with HO trains, rail cars and the track set up, with houses, landscape etc.- These are such a delight and bring back some wonderful memories..Awe inspiring, makes me want to drink a bottle marked “shrink me”, hop on and go for a ride. Thank you for sharing… ❤ – K

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  7. Love when my inner child awakens!! Yes I have had those technical difficulties before too…ugh!! Lol. Still I’m glad you shared it. Amazing how that was once such a means of travel and now it’s practically extinct. What a fun day you had! xo

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  8. As a model railway enthusiast married to a non-modeller artist spouse (and follower of the Way), I am wondering if I can parlay this into a date type date to a train show. 🙂

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