Black and White Photography

I recently participated in two 7 day photography challenges on social media.

The first was in Nature photography, which I will share in a little slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second was in black and white – which created more than a little apprehension. However, I accepted the challenge.

The full moon in October was already captured on my camera. I used it on Day 1:


Having nothing else in black and white, I was forced to experiment a little.

My first subject was a freshwater pool at the edge of the Atlantic. I think the original photograph looks good, but it has a totally different energy in black and white:

Tory Island Harbour was featured next:

I think black and white definitely works better.

A Lavatera was transformed on day 4:

I am undecided on these. Which do you prefer?

Tory Island was featured again on day 5:

This time I edited out the foreground to showcase the fabulous cloud formations. Black and white definitely did it for me.

I live right by the Atlantic Ocean, and it skirts our village car park:

The middle photograph uses a “grey scale” effect and the third uses “vintage.” I went with “vintage” for day 6.

My final photograph was another seascape:

Can you guess which photograph I submitted?

I felt rather sad when the challenges ended; I shall be experimenting further…

Brigid P. Gallagher

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  1. I was so glad you took the b/w challenge having loved your nature pictures. This is a lovely window into your process and thoughts. So think about doing more …. many of your already lovely pictures take on even more atmosphere in the b/w

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  2. I am going to have to differ from the above comments. Black and White rarely work well with most photos, it requires a real contrast between subjects, sea and sky, vase on a table etc. Not sure where this challenge came from though most of the photos floating around are not good. I prefer your colour shots as they show more definition, even the most professional photographers find it hard to capture the correct lightening in a black and white photograph. I am certainly not an expert so the above comments are just that my sixpence worth 🙂

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  3. Brigid, I can sense your enjoyment here – it’s amazing what a difference is achieved with B/W photos, the atmosphere is heightened, a certain ‘otherworldliness’ created! Please continue taking those pictures and sharing with us all! Happy Snapping! 📷

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  4. I think that B&W certainly give some images gravitas Brigid. In answer to you questions I like Tory Island day 5 B7W I like the proportion of sky to Sea. It totally alters the mood. and prefer vintage on day 6 and the final photograph, although to be honest each has their own qualities and grey scale adds an element of brooding. Px

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  5. Interesting. I do like your B&W edits: the minimised foreground and stretched dynamic range. I played too, but didn’t do anything other than convert photos from colour. I missed an opportunity to be more creative now I think. Well done you!

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  6. Stunning. Almost haunting. I love the contrast between the colour shots and black & white.

    There is a spiritual lesson in your photography. How even though our mood, personality, and circumstances change on the outside— our spirits remain unchanged. So much peace in that.

    Thankful for you Brigid. I travel abroad just by your blog. The best! 💛

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  7. Oh. Both of my comments to you went into your Spam folder – and every one else I commented to. (I just ‘chatted’ with WP for an hour!) Hopefully this will work, and you can find my comments in Spam. I love your photographs. The black and whites evoke so much mood and emotion.

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  8. (playing catch up …. apologies for being late to the party …) …

    All are truly beautiful photos …. and I’ve gone over then three times in order to finally make a choice of which one is my absolute favourite and …. it’s the clouds one. Ohhhh the clouds look unreal. So so pretty and so soft, gentle and heavenly.

    Perfect Daisies. Absolutely perfect. Well done! ~ Cobs. xxx

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  9. I love the contrast between the colour and black and white Brigid. For me the Lavatera looks best in colour but some of the seascapes do look very effective in the black and white. Hmmm – let me guess… day 7 – middle pic?
    Have a great weekend! xx

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  10. I have been experimenting a lot lately with my camera. I recently took a photography course and have found the new challenges exciting. Isn’t it wonderful how black and white photos are so much more moody than color?

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  11. I have always preferred black and white photos, Brigid – they seem so much more artistic and carefully “composed,” even when I can see that the photo in color right next to it is the same shot. Gravitas, someone said in the comments.

    Yes, it will take some practice to get truly intentional artistically – but I think your work could be quite stunning in black and white (which is NOT to say that your color prints aren’t good – only that the black and white would be more unusual – and if this is your first attempt it is WELL worth pursuing further). Thanks for sharing.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

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  12. I also took part in the social media b&W challenge. It was so much fun to do. 🙂
    I’m relatively new to ‘proper’ photography, although I have taken photo’s all my life. In September, I started an ncfe level1 photography course, and I’m learning so much 🙂 I have absolutely loved it, so much so, that I’ve signed up for level 2 in January. I’ve also just started out writing my own photography blog (very much for ‘beginners’) as part of the course. If anyone would have said that to me a year ago, I would heave laughed and laughed! What a fascinating and rewarding hobby this is. ❤

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