New Book Reviews for Watching the Daisies

Rob Williams Rev1FrontI have been blessed with three new reviews for my self help and travel memoir “Watching the Daisies – Life Lessons on the Importance of Slow” since 25 February!

First up is this review from Pamela of “Roughwighting” . You can read Pamela’s latest posts HERE 

Pamela’s romantic suspense novel “The Right Wrong Man” can be purchased HERE

Many-faceted Memoir on Health and Wellness through Personal and Physical Travails

I enjoyed this fascinating memoir that is part personal history, part wellness book on how to be healthy, part a discourse on overcoming (or at least dealing with) illnesses like fibromyalgia, and part mystical/spiritual exploration. I delved into the author’s part of the world (which I’m unfamiliar with), and felt like I was right there with her. Cheers to her resilience!

Deborah A. Bowman of “Bowman Author and Writer/Editor” blogs HERE 

She is the author of a unique novel “Annie’s Story: Blessed with a Gift”, based on a past life regression in mid 1600’s Colonial America,” which you can purchase HERE

Deborah wrote the following review:

So much more than a life story… a metamorphosis!

“Watching the Daisies” is first and foremost autobiographical, but it’s also a story of overcoming insurmountable odds because of one woman’s love for others. It’s also a tour guide of places I would love to see and some I have seen, but now I’ve seen them through the eyes of a genuine, loving soul, that brings beauty to every heart she touches. It’s also a story of courage, music, talent, spirituality, and a life’s mission that brings reality into perspective. A METAMORPHOSIS IN A DOSE OF REALITY!

Every life gets handed some diamonds that may first appear as coal dust. We are the ones that make that metamorphosis, but it isn’t easy. It’s easy to rush around and grind that coal dust into nothingness. It’s easy to give too much of self away and not slow down enough to let the self, which is the soul, mature, resonant, evolve.

Gallagher’s faith and empathic challenges in life have become a testament to strength, courage, giving, caring…in essence, love for all beings, creatures, plants, the entire Universe.

When we watch the daisies, we see clearly; when we slow down, we feel and think and create momentous things so needed in our hustle-hustle lives. These lessons will be to many, as it has been to me, our salvation. Thank you Brigid.

This is a book to cherish!

Finally, a review from Cathy Lynn Brooks, my first on Cathy blogs HERE

Cathy lost her dear daughter Justine in a car accident in 2014, aged just 29. Justine had been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as a teenager. She has written Justine’s story “Not My Story To Tell,” which you can purchase HERE

A lovely book of healing and travel

I feel as though I have travelled the world with the author, Brigid. She describes her travels, searching for healing and learning many lessons along the way. Although she suffers from fibromyalgia and other health issues she embraces life and the joys it has to offer. Highly recommended.

Thank you once again Pamela, Deborah and Cathy. I so appreciate your support.

Please call round and say “hello” to these lovely ladies at their blogs.


    • Thank you Kim. I get so excited when I recieve a review. It is the icing on the cake. Spring is well ahead here and my bulbs are smiling. I have a garden post scheduled for next week then I am taking a blog break for Easter. 🌼

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      • I just published my last winter post although there is a fresh snowfall on our local mountains from this morning’s rain! I hope you have a lovely break…I’m looking forward to reading your garden post!

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