In Dublin’s Rainy City


I arrived in Dublin on a cloudy day in mid May, thankful that it was not too hot. However, showers were forecast…

After my visit to Alan Hanna’s bookshop in Rathmines, ( see my post HERE) I returned to the city centre.


However,Β the weather Gods were angry, and it began to pour from the Heavens!

I had to seek shelter inside Brown Thomas iconic store on Grafton Street. A lot of others had the same idea…


It was fun browsing Gucci, Chanel, Dior…


And sampling a spray or two of my favourite Jo Malone perfume.

Then I ventured back outside, to see the flower sellers:


Many wise people had hopped onto the Luas tram/rail system, to avoid walking.


However, I braved the elements and thought of Gene Kelly and the movie “Singin’ in the Rain,” as I headed back towards O’Connell Street past Trinity College:


Then across the River Liffey, where a boatload of tourists were enjoying a cruise:


I stood under “The Spire”, then indulged in a little retail therapy.


The rain finally stopped just as I headed back to Parnell Square, where the Donegal bus awaited me outside The Dublin Writer’s Museum!


All in all, it was an exhilarating day out in Ireland’s Capital City.

Brigid P. Gallagher





63 thoughts on “In Dublin’s Rainy City

  1. Touche’ Brigid we are also having a full on rainy day in Melbourne today, though the temperature may be a little lower here than there. I loved your day out in pictures of the beautiful city of Dublin. Thank you.

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  2. loved your walk and showing us what you did around this lovely city. I fell in love with Dublin after watching the movie Leap Year. I would like to walk those same streets and see the things you did. I especially enjoyed the grey and the rain, suited me just fine. your little tour gave me such joy this afternoon.

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  3. A writers museum?! So obvious for Ireland and this would be my first stop on a visit to Dublin! I’m glad you had a good trip despite the downpour … it seems to be a summer of tropical warmth mixed with its thunder and dramatic rainstorms! Keep singing! πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  4. Thanks Brigid for sharing your Dublin experience. Useful to know the Donegal bus stops outside the writer’s museum. Sounds as though you had a lovely day in spite of the weather.
    Take care

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  5. I’m glad you walked and didn’t succumb to the bus. Rain can be quite uplifting if we let it be and the bonus is that the streets empty out like someone let a huffy skunk loose. Wonderful shots of Dublin and a very appropriate bus stop home ✍️

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  6. Sandy and I thoroughly enjoyed your day. We loved Dublin, but we’re only there for a day. We plan to return. Did you know that Trinity College was the design inspiration for Yale University and subsequently for Indiana University (our alma mater) in 1820?

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  7. We have never been to Ireland, but the airplane has begun going directly from Connecticut to Dublin, so we are considering it. I have ancestors who lived there, so it would be interesting to see where they lived and where they are buried.


  8. Nice of the rain to stop just as you were leaving! I prefer to do my shopping in the dry though if I’m garden visiting and hence outdoors all the time, I prefer it to be raining as this, somehow, adds a lot of atmosphere to a garden. It’s as if the garden is “Singin’ in the Rain”. Though you’ve made me realise that I haven’t stepped foot in any store in Cardiff (a mere 30 minutes away) for over 9 years. The stores I used to love have all closed and there’s little interest there for me now.

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