Book Review – My Grape Year by Laura Bradbury

Laura Bradbury

I really enjoy reading and reviewing other authors’ books, and posting my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub. As a self published author, I like to think of it as good Karma.

Goodread’s Reading Challenge

Last year, I read 50 books in the Goodread’s Reading Challenge.

In 2018, I have already read and reviewed 67 books!

I will be sharing some of my favourite books over the next few weeks, with the aim of posting regular book reviews over the coming months.

We Love Memoirs

Laura Bradbury’s series of memoirs caught my eye in the “We Love Memoirs” Facebook group. She has published five books in her Grape series.

I enjoyed Laura’s books so much that I read all five books inside a month!

My Grape Year is the first book in the series. If you read it you will feel compelled to visit Burgundy.


At the age of seventeen in a last-minute twist of fate, Laura Bradbury is sent to Burgundy, France, for a year’s exchange. She arrives knowing only a smattering of French and with no idea what to expect in her first foray out of North America. With a head full of dreams and a powerful desire to please, Laura quickly adapts to Burgundian life, learning crucial skills such as the fine art of winetasting and how to savor snails.

However, the charming young men of the region mean Laura soon runs afoul of the rules, particularly the no-dating edict. Romantic afternoons in Dijon, early morning pain au chocolat runs, and long walks in the vineyards are wondrous but also present Laura with a conundrum: How can she keep her hosts happy while still managing to follow her heart? Follow along on Laura’s journey to I’amour in My Grape Year.

My Review

This book came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. Laura sets out on a year long educational exchange at the tender age of 17. She stays with four very different families in the Burgundy region of France. Although her French language skills are lacking at the outset, she soon becomes familiar with its vocabulary, and creates a network of friendships with a host of characters.
Romance is high on Laura’s wish list and the year does not disappoint!
I learned a huge amount about the food and wine of the region, as well as its delightful landscape and people.
Laura writes from the heart and “My Grape Year” ranks highly among my favourite reads of the year.

You can learn more about Laura’s books, and buy them HERE

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from a debilitating illness.

She lives in Donegal, Ireland –  an area of outstanding natural beauty.




  1. Hi Brigid, how wonderful that you could read so many book and do the book reviews. I didn’t read too much the last couple years because I focus on getting my book done. The good news is that I just published the paperback and Kindle tonight. They’ll be available on Amazon in 72 hours. It’s a poetic memoir. I have two endorsements on the back cover which wouldn’t show on Kindle.Both of them clearly refer the book as poetic memoir or personal journey.
    I wonder if I could send something to We Love Memoir for them to promote it for me.

    I’ll have the book launch on Monday, November 5. I want to make sure that the book is on Amazon before the launch date. I’ll catch up with your other posts a bit later. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Miriam. Congratulations. If you private message Julie Haigh or another monitor she will advise you on how to move forward within the group. There is an email that gives you a note of group rules. I am not able to promote it as that is against group rules. Best wishes. 🌼

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done for reading so many books, Brigid I have slipped back this year with my reading as I have been concentrating on my writing..I am looking forward to your legal thriller review which is more my genre 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Brigid,
    You lead such a busy life! Thank you for that review it sounds like a great read with an all important hour cuppa! 😀
    My 18 yr old granddaughter has just spent 6 months in Paris living the life! And is now in London studying so she may enjoy that read to!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks Brigid– love book recommendations and this looks like a fun one! So glad you are sharing what your reading! And memoirs are a favorite genre of mine– the older I get the moe I like hearing people’s stories… hugs from here!

    Liked by 1 person

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