A Spring Walk to View Frog’s Spawn


Clumps of frog spawn in local pools

Spring is well underway here in Donegal, and frogs have been busy producing frog spawn for around 2 weeks now.  I always feel such JOY when I see their clumps of eggs in water pools along my regular walking route.

They remind me of my childhood, when I used to collect frog spawn in a jam jar of water, to take to school.  My classmates and I deposited our collections into a fish tank in the classroom, delighting when the eggs eventually hatched into tadpoles with little tails. These tadpoles morphed into tiny frogs, which we released into the wild once again.

I do not know if children still collect frog spawn today, and wonder if it would not have been kinder to leave the eggs in their original birthplace?

I do know that Nature is a remarkable teacher, and my love of the outdoors grew from those early insights into frogs and their offspring…


A deeper pool was alive with mummy frogs depositing their eggs.  As I grew nearer they disappeared under water.


  1. Hands on is the best way to learn about nature at an early age. For me it was combing the wetlands looking for fiddler crabs, jellyfish and “piss clams,” the ones that squirt at you when you walk over them. To this day the wetlands are my favorite ecosystem and I choose to live in a place where I am surrounded by them. I wish all kids could have these experiences. We’d probably live in a better world.

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  2. I remember catching tadpoles when I was little and waiting for them to turn into frogs, but they never did. I’ve never heard of frog spawn before, so interesting Brigid.

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  3. Awww this is really sweet, Brigid. Love your honoring of nature. I never did that with frogs – really neat (though you’re probably right about leaving them in nature – still, they get the love of children). Many many blessings. Have a great weekend — Debbie ❤

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