Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday season, and an abundance of blessings for 2019. I am taking time out to rest and restore, and I shall be posting again from 16 January. Many, many thanks for your support and friendship throughout the year. It means such a lot to me. Brigid P. … More Happy Holidays

New Beginnings

If you were inspired to clear out clutter after my post Letting Go of Clutter, you may find this post helpful for the next stage of your healing journey. Your front door is the entrance for positive energy or CHI into your home. Imagine you are seeing it for the first time. What impression does it give ? … More New Beginnings

The Angel Healing Room

The Angel Healing Room is one of my favourite creative visualizations. I am re-blogging it today for Self Care September.  You will need to set aside around 30 minutes, with no interruptions from people, pets, mobile phones… Sit or lie in a comfortable position, Close your eyes, Set an intention for your healing needs to be … More The Angel Healing Room

Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue

“Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue” is another re-blog for “Self Care September.”  Dr Bach Rescue Remedy is sold in high street chemists and health stores worldwide, endorsed by many for reducing stress and anxiety, aiding sleep, exam nerves … But, did you know that its creator – Dr Edward Bach died back in 1936? He was a doctor … More Dr Bach Flower Essences to the Rescue

Put on your SPF!

Donegal has bathed in six weeks of glorious sunshine so far this summer – such a joy after a long and dreary winter. I have visited the beach as often as possible. Indeed, I have even been SWIMMMING – the sea has been so much warmer… It seems timely to re-post “Put on your SPF” … More Put on your SPF!

The 3 Day Quote Challenge

I have recently been nominated by three lovely blog friends for “The 3 Day Quote Challenge.” Thank you to: Shannon at http://www.msnubutterflies.wordpress.com Annika at http://www.annikaperry.com Bella at http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com I love quotations, and I have a number of favourites. However, I will cheat a little on the challenge and combine three days into one! Caring for … More The 3 Day Quote Challenge

101 Ways to Meditate

“101 Ways to Meditate” continues the story of my self healing journey, and my post Colour, Crystals and Aura Readings, where I shared the story of my introduction to meditation. 30+ years later, I have explored many other forms of meditation which have empowered me on my self healing journey. Meditation Circle In 1986, I joined a … More 101 Ways to Meditate

Get To Know Me Tag

Natalie at “Searching for My Inner Zen Blog” has tagged me in The Get to Know Me Tag Please call round and visit her beautiful blog. Fibromyalgia Awareness Month May is International Fibromyalgia Awareness month, so I have tailored my answers to promote more awareness of this debilitating condition. What are my strengths? Resilience, Courage, … More Get To Know Me Tag