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My name is Brigid P. Gallagher. I live in County Donegal, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the north west corner of Ireland, and I have a passion for gardening and Nature.

Learning to slow down has been one of my major life lessons – hence the title of this blog and my book, which you can learn more about  HERE

I post on a variety of topics:

  • Artist’s Dates where I explore music, reading, cooking, decoupage and other crafts…
  • My experiences of gratitude in 52 Weeks of Thankfulness
  • Brigid’s book includes tasters from my memoir and details of discounts, reviews…
  • Places to visit in Donegal, including LOTS of photographs in Donegal – The Coolest Place on the Planet
  • Gardens to inspire you.  My own garden was included in The Donegal Garden Trail in 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Self Healing – posts on meditation, flower essences, insomnia, fibromyalgia…
  • Thoughts for Today from 2016 – inspired by my insights on life
  • Travel stories – I am an avid traveller.  You can read LOTS of stories about my travels in my memoir
  • Walks – Walking has been a major ingredient on my self healing journey.  I share some of my favourite walks in these posts.


I was born on 8 March 1955 (International Women’s Day) in Stirling, Scotland, and aspired to becoming a doctor but God had other plans!

The first thirty years of my life were (mostly) spent following my head, into a career in Life Assurance.

In 1985, I had a major wake up call, accompanied by the realisation that I had natural intuitive and healing gifts.  Thus, I began to follow my heart into a new career in natural medicines.

Further Study

Colour and Crystal Healing were my first new learning experiences, followed by full time study in Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Nutritional Medicine and Dr Bach Flower Essences.

In 1988, I set up a natural medicines practice in Edinburgh, and soon after began to facilitate a wide variety of self healing classes, which eventually included Stirling University Open Studies and Summer Schools.

In 1995, I gave birth to The Scottish School of Holistic Healing, which provided a two year professional training in hands on healing skills.

My thirst for knowledge continued with further studies in Electro – Crystal Healing, Radionics, Spaceclearing and finally Emotional Freedom Technique!

The Homes of Donegal

In 1999, I followed my heart once again, relocating to Donegal, Ireland – the home of my ancestors.  Unfortunately, my health deteriorated suddenly in 2003, and much soul searching followed.

After a two year hiatus, I retrained in Organic Horticulture, which led to teaching part time under Ireland’s “Heritage in Schools Scheme.”  I have recently retired from teaching, and I now write full time.

A Diagnosis At Last!

In 2010, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and possibly rheumatoid arthritis was offered. Thankfully, my knowledge of natural medicines has allowed me to embrace a number of therapies and self help tools to aid my healing.

My self healing journey inspired me to write. I look forward to sharing my posts with you.

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