Book Review – Sam a Shaggy Dog Story by Sally Cronin

Sam A Shaggy Dog Story

Sally Cronin is an incredibly generous writer and blogger who supports LOTS of authors and bloggers (myself included) through her blog Smorgasbord Invitation – a blog with a view – on books, music, humour and health.

She has written ten books on a variety of topics, ranging from health to media training.

This week I read and reviewed her book “Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story.”

I want to share my review with you, to say a big “thank you” to Sally for her awesome support.

A Delightful Tail

Sally Cronin fell in love at first sight with Sam, a collie puppy. I must admit I too fell in love with Sam from the moment I saw his photograph on the cover of Sally’s book!           Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story is a delight from start to finish. Sam recounts meeting Sally and her husband David for the first time, finding his forever home with them, and settling into life as an “only child.” He meets Henry, a feral cat, who fathers three kittens with his lovely partner, and tells us many tales of their friendship in his own doggy style.               He enjoys long beach walks where he befriends Abby a white terrier, plays in deep snow on his second winter “like young puppies getting soaked and exhausted in the process,” and enjoys road trips with Sally in her sporty car.                                                                         Sam eventually moves to Spain, where he enjoys chasing water hoses, and amusing guests with his party piece of asking for more or “mawgh.” One day, Sally is busy with work and tells Sam, “You are beginning to sound like Oliver Twist, and if you don’t stop pestering me I will call you Oliver in future.” Sam replies! “Oh, Ee, Va” which becomes more emphasised as “ORH, EE, VA.” He earns a favourite food reward.                                 Sally’s writing style is gentle, warm and full of humour. Sam’s photographs will delight you, and his words will leave you feeling blessed that you bought Sally’s book.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.


  1. Sam sounds like my Brillo. He past almost two years ago and was trouble since he was a pup! That was seventeen years of a busy Beagle and honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing him running around the house because he managed to steal a tortilla, or cleverly yanked the tablecloth because of an expectation of food. No, just my wine glass…he was much better later in life, but nevertheless always full of a little mischief, and always happy.

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  2. I love Haddon Musings ! And thank you for a wonderful review of a book I have added to my reading list! I apologize its been so long since I’ve made rounds to visit, working full time plus pastime and blogging a bit I find my time limited. I’m trying to fix that by visiting a blog or two a week! I’ve missed such wonderful thoughts and posts though I am thankful everyone seems to understand. LGB is cooking Umami burgers and sweet potato fries as I’m teaching him about a healthier lifestyle. Think of you often and am glad you have leave me such inspirational comments .
    King Regards -K


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