Kila at Glenveagh Castle



Four members of Irish World music band “Kila” (the full band has eight members) braved showers of rain on Thursday to play in the courtyard of Glenveagh Castle as part of The Earagail Arts Festival.

I was incredibly blessed to procure a ringside seat among an international audience dressed in raincoats and armed with umbrellas!

We were rewarded with a lively set of songs from these very talented musicians. I managed to film most of their first song for you. Unfortunately, my camera’s memory ran out of space…

Lead singer Ronan O’ Snodaigh has a powerful stage presence:


The back drop of the castle added to the ambience of the afternoon:


I cannot image LIFE without the joy of music; I find it incredibly therapeutic.

The Gardens of Glenveagh Castle are featured in a previous post

Kila website:






49 thoughts on “Kila at Glenveagh Castle

      1. Thank you … all is well. With mother for two weeks which takes all my energy but which I willingly give for all the energy she gave to me when she could. It does look rather damp but I must say they really are a wonderful band ☺

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes-yes! (3 quarter notes and 2 eight notes rhythm!) Kila is fantastic!

    Coincidentally, but worth mentioning here…hubby and I enjoyed our Friday evening at the first of 3 days of the ‘Colorado Irish Festival’.
    Just sayin’!

    heard – Socks in the Frying Pan, Indigent Row and The Stubby Shillelaghs – inspired me to delve back into this rep!
    (was known to do a mean ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ with duo partner about 5 years ago!)

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  2. You are intrepid Brigid!! Looks like a lively day in a beautiful place. And I so agree with you– about the joy of music! It adds a real richness to life. Thanks for including this Brigid! Hugs from here!

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  3. Hello Brigid,
    What a lovely post adding some wonderful Irish music for us.
    They seem to be well prepared for the rain that day and a very enjoyable time was had by all I’m sure 💐

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      1. Well I guess that was good for you to get your from row seats, wasn’t it Brigid?
        Hope the sun appears again very soon anyway 🙋🏻🌹

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