The Rock


The Cross atop The Rock at Kerrytown

On 11 January 1939, The Virgin Mary appeared on top of a rocky outcrop in Kerrytown, Co. Donegal, to Teresa Ward aged 15. Her sister Mary aged 19, had accompanied her outside but was inside an outhouse when Teresa first witnessed the vision. Mary thought Teresa was play acting at first but she too noticed a “statue of The Blessed Virgin standing on a ledge on the rock.

The statue was all in white, with a little black crown, shaped like a priest’s biretta, on its head. The figure seemed to be illuminated by a silvery radiant light, which issued from the figure itself. ”

                                      Our Lady of the Rosses – Seamas O’Maoldhomhnaigh

Soon after, a number of other family members came outside, and they also witnessed the vision.

A local priest, Father Mc Ateer was initially sceptical of their accounts, but he bore witness to Our Lady in the early hours of 14 March 1939.

In a testimony he stated:

“Suddenly I saw a portion of the rock become marble-white; it was heart-shaped or circular and twelve feet in diameter. This made me stop and immediately there came from the north, over the rock, on my left, a gold coloured fiery cloud. In front of the cloud, at the foot of it, stood the majestic Lady, clothed on the outside in a white garment and inside this, from the waist up, in blue. Her hair was hanging down on her shoulders as in Murillo’s picture of the Assumption and her head was posed sideways towards her right shoulder.

She was looking partly in my direction and her look was one of exceedingly severe censure. The impression I received was that she almost asked me in words “Now do you believe?”

                                                  The Secret of Kerrytown compiled by Doirin Doyle

The Rock in Kerrytown is a couple of miles away from my home. I feel very blessed to live so near it, for it has such a peaceful yet powerful healing energy. I go there often to meditate and pray; these visits always bring me comfort.

Mary and Teresa Ward were the great granddaughters of a prophetess called Peggy Boyle, known locally as Miseog.

You can learn more about Miseog HERE

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.


  1. I’m glad Teresa’s sister, Mary, got to see the vision despite being in the outhouse during the original siting. I couldn’t help but relate to Mary in this story. That’s probably where I’d be if I was in similar circumstances! Intriguing story, Brigid, and I’m anxious to read more.

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  2. Fascinating Brigid, from what you say the place is certainly imbued with a tangible spiritual power. I wonder if it was also an ancient sacred pre-Christian site as well, as often that is the case. The power remains, it is only the nature of the apparitions that change. whatever there is obviously a spiritual power associated with the Rock. There is so much in this world beyond understanding in this world.

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  3. Wow I know that story, you are blessed to not only live so near it, but to go there to meditate and pray…that must be so comforting. Always leaving with such a feeling of peace. Ahhh. xo

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  4. What a beautiful story Brigid. Thank you for sharing about this. I didn’t know about this special place at all. How wonderful it is so close to your home. I can understand how comforting it would be to feel so close to the Virgin Mary 💕

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