The Garden in November 2017

The weather has grown cold, but my winter tidy up is complete; it was finished right before the cold snap, to my great relief!

Shrubs were moved, perennials divided and given new homes, grasses were released from clumps to make way for new spring growth, and the last of my bulbs (Allium and miniature Daffodils) were planted where my Lavatera once lived. Lavatera has sadly gone to plant Heaven. Her limbs were degenerating and breaking off…

I have produced a little slideshow in her memory:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I shall plant a climbing Rose where she once grew, in the hope that the bees will approve.

Meanwhile, the front garden is looking decidedly better. A strong man removed three Rock Roses that were rather overgrown, and they have been adopted in a new home.

You can see the before photograph below:


And the same spot, post transformation:


A HUGE improvement.

The back garden has a few solitary blooms amidst “the forty shades of green.”

I am always amazed at the hardiness of such delicate petals.

The view across the back garden now looks like this:


I will allow the remaining leaves to die back well into spring, to provide shelter for mini-beasts. A log pile lies hidden in a corner for added accomodation.

Meanwhile, I am feeding some VERY hungry birds. They are eating THREE TIMES faster than last year!

Did the Robins tell everyone there was a party at Brigid’s place??

I will leave you with a little video taken last winter:

Lavatera has a starring role in the background.

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.



      • You are right Brigid; gardening is fantastic therapy. I used to spend many hours doing it, and, it was worth the sore muscles as I could always see positive results in my hours. Unlike the orchard work! Now time for some winter cosiness for you and thinking of what you can do in spring. I loved the photos of the bees and flowers.

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      • Enjoy your Christmas timeout Brigid. We rely on the internet to connect with family and friends downunder, so not an option for us.


  1. Brigid this is lovely. It is amazing how verdant and full of colour the garden is in November. A time when years ago everything would be dying back. Every year the down time of the garden seems to get shorter, which is great isn’t it. You truly have a beautiful garden and a sanctuary. Love Px

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  2. Brigid, this is a lovely post – I love your garden, it looks beautiful and your passion for garden and nature shines through. The Lavatera was stunning and must be hard to lose. Time to sit back, let the robins party before Spring next year when it all starts again! Happy weekend to you! ❤️


  3. Well if you’ve finished in your wonderful garden for the winter, pop over and do mine please. I’m nowhere near finished! Lavatera are lovely plants but the downside is that they grow big and have big roots and seem to keel over just as they reach their flowering peak. They’re a real pain to dig out. I now grow a smaller container variety (Barnsley Baby which is white with a pinkish centre) which will reach about a metre tall but, when it gives up the ghost, can simply be tipped out and replaced without so much work.

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  4. What a beautiful garden! You have a series of three photos with blooms–I love the lavender one in the middle with the star-shaped flowers. What is that called? It’s so pretty! I wish I had a green thumb–my daughter has it, my mother most definitely has it–but plant life seems to dislike me. 😦 What a peaceful haven.

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  5. I am so happy to see your plants…mine has been on a rehabilitation stage still after the heavy rain.and flash flood few months ago..and now my sunflower garder which is in need of basically sun is slowly dying because it haa been raining again here…

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