The Garden in February 2018


My garden is slowly awakening from its winter slumber with lots of new growth to brighten my Soul.

My Birch tree shelters these valiant dwarf Narcissi warriors, and their year round companions – lime coloured Grasses and dark purple Heuchara.

Bright blue Muscari are preparing to flower, alongside deep purple Primula.


In a shady corner, Tulips are sprouting forth among Pulmonaria and perennial Geraniums. The leaves shed from this little tree have created a comforting winter blanket for a group of Aquilegia who have been sheltering underground.


I am patiently awaiting a glorious display of colour from these Tulips, bought on my trip to Amsterdam last May.


Holly and Photinia provide year round foliage.

Unlike Fennel, Rowan and Magnolia who are emerging from their winter slumber.

Witch Hazel bursts into flower in January, planted in memory of my beloved cat Ginger who passed away in February 2012. I love its joyful colours.

These gentle Crocus have survived hail showers and icy winds:

However, the humble Snowdrop is the first spring bulb to brighten my days. I admire its tenacity of Spirit.


“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

                                                                                                       Harriet Ann Jacobs

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.



  1. What a delight Brigid…waiting for the tulips to blossom and welcoming spring with the exuberance that you carry within your heart is so heart-warming! I look forward to a riot of colors as your garden transforms itself into a wonderland for bees and butterflies too 🙂 Stay blessed!

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  2. Beautiful photos Brigid. It really gladdens the heart to see things moving…. Loved your miniature narcissi and your crocuses like lovey… can’t wait to see your tulips! Not long now! Px

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  3. Your garden is certainly starting to wake up Brigid, and it looks lovely! We’re starting to get a glimpse of some crocus and daffodils poking their heads up, but most things are still enjoying their winter slumber. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

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  4. Brigid, a beautiful post written with such warmth and tenderness of your beloved garden. As it is brightening your Soul, so mine is tinged with joy at these signs of Spring. The crocuses are delightful and yes, snowdrops are valiant in their steadfastness, come what may! How exciting that the tulips from Amsterdam will soon be flowering and I look forward to seeing more about them soon! Enjoy the awakening … it is a treasure each year! xxx

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  5. There is something especially wonderful about this time of year, as the early spring flowers open and those soon to take their place poke their heads up. Time to spring clean the beds and borders, removing the dead growth that has provided homes for myriad tiny creatures over winter and seeds for the pecking birds, now revealing the tiny new shoots. The feel of the first press of the fingers into the soil. Enjoy the joy of anticipation as you watch your lovely garden wake up (the anticipation of another wonderful year of backache in the garden 😉 )

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  6. Love the crocus, so bright and brave! So fun to see everything coming to life! We’re in Wisconsin up north with our kids and I’ve been searching trees here for tips of buds. Spring is not too far away! Love your garden posts Brigid! xox

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  7. I do love the anticipation of waiting for all the wonderful plants and their flowers that you just know are going to be glorious! I am looking forward to seeing these tulips from Holland…..I planted triple layers of tulips this year in green, pink and white and they are beginning to look their way up! Thank you for linking this post to #MyGloriousGaredens Brigid. Xx

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