Book Review – The Kindness Method by Shahroo Izadi

The Kindness Method

I really enjoy reading and reviewing other authors’ books, and posting my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub. As a self published author, I like to think of it as good Karma.

Goodread’s Reading Challenge

Last year, I read 50 books in the Goodread’s Reading Challenge.

In 2018, I have already read and reviewed 67 books!

I will be sharing some of my favourite books over the next few weeks, with the aim of posting regular book reviews over the coming months.

Self Help Books

I have read hundreds of self help books over the past thirty odd years, both related to my former career as a natural medicine therapist and teacher, and for my own personal growth.

It is increasingly difficult to find original reading material, but “The Kindness Method” caught my eye in the local library, and I found it to be both original and inspirational.


Shahroo Izadi has a revolutionary message: treating yourself kindly is the only way to make changes that last. She is living proof that her method works – after years of yo-yo dieting she shed over 8 stone (and has kept it off ever since). Professional training coupled with personal experience led her to develop The Kindness Method™, where traditional strict regimes are turned upside down to leave you feeling empowered, positive and ready to embrace change.
Whether it’s weight loss, cutting down on drinking, improving relationships or ditching a dull job for one that you love, The Kindness Method will help you change any unwanted habit. Because when you shift your focus to your individual strengths and skills (rather than what you can’t do), you too will find you have the power to change – for good.

My Review

Shahroo Izadi shares her personal journey of yo-yo dieting and struggles with weight loss, which eventually led to her developing The Kindness Method.
She has inspired many through her work as a behavioural change specialist, encouraging her clients through the wisdom of her professional training, combined with her personal experience.
This book is packed full of original self help tips to aid positive transformation and embrace self love and kindness.
I worked through all the exercises slowly, and they provided me with a number of new “light bulb moments.”
If you are serious about becoming your own best friend, this book is for you.

You can learn more about Shahroo, and buy her book HERE

Brigid P. Gallagher is a retired natural medicines therapist, passionate organic gardener and author of “Watching the Daisies- Life lessons on the Importance of Slow,” a holistic memoir dedicated to the art of mindfulness and healing from debilitating illness.


  1. Brigid, this sounds like a terrific book and one which will help many of us…it’s so easy to concentrate on the negative within us rather than nurturing our strengths. I’m definitely going to look at this book … hopefully experience some light bulb moments as well! Btw I am impressed by all the books you’ve already reviewed this year…that is fantastic.

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  2. I agree that finding self-help style books that offer something original, when you’ve read so many, can be difficult, so it’s good this one ticks the box. Sounds like a really interesting read, both in terms of being motivational/inspirational, and practically applicable to your own life, too. Will have to make a note of this one! 🙂
    Caz xx

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  3. Hello Brigid,
    A book that discusses Kindness and self empowerment is a welcome book, in my opinion too.
    Thank you for highlighting this author and her work 💐

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      • You’re very welcome Brigid, and yes, thank you, we are still in London. We have had one of our children, his wife and their baby girl stay with us for a few weeks. Still loving this city but cannot wait to see Ireland. Hope you’re well too Brigid 😘😘

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      • I certainly hadn’t forgotten that you were there, thank you Brigid. I’ll see where we can manage and will let you know. We are aiming for Dublin, then Cork and Killarney at this stage, because that’s where my heritage is from before transported to Australia…😗

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  4. The title caught my eye Brigid– Kindness is always a good thing in whatever form! Sounds like an interesting book– a little different than I expected. So gld you’re passing on your reading suggestions! xox friend!

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  5. Happy new year Brigid. Was scrolling down to find your article on end of year clearance & came across this. Saw these details elsewhere on here & ordered the book a few weeks ago. I really love the title and look forward to reading it. 🙂🌲☘️


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