Book Review – Encourage a Child to Watch Birds by Denzil Walton

denzil birds

Denzil Walton recently published “Encourage a Child to Watch Birds,” the first in a series of books to inspire children to step away from their phones and computer screens, and discover the joy of Nature.


“What’s that bird?” asks a child. “What’s it doing? Why are its feathers so colourful? Can we feed it? Where does it nest?” You would love to encourage the child in their interest … but you are not a birdwatcher, so how can you? Or an older child wants to learn birdsong, or study owls – but you are lost for ideas.

This is why “Encourage A Child To Watch Birds” is so valuable. It includes 10 Non-Screen Ideas to inspire a child to discover nature through watching birds. From studying the ducks in the park, through which books to read, how to choose a pair of binoculars, what food to put out for garden birds, why nest-boxes are necessary, how to listen to and learn birdsong, discovering what owls eat and other topics, you will now be able to inspire a child in the fascinating hobby of watching birds.

Why are the ideas “Non-Screen”? Children are active on screens for an increasingly large proportion of their lives. This book aims to activate children, sharpen their senses and show them the fun to be had AWAY from the screen.

Putting the ideas in this book into practice could help to develop a child’s powers of observation, improve their aural skills, introduce them to ecological concepts, teach them basic nature conservation practices – and increase their enjoyment of the natural world.

The book is backed up by Resources on the Encourage A Child website for each of the 10 Ideas, including photographs, hints & tips, links, reading lists etc.

My Review

“Encourage a Child to Watch Birds” is the first in a series of books that will encourage children to learn more about Nature and caring for our planet. Although the book can be read in a comparatively short period of time, it will provide many, many hours of interactive learning for both adults and children. I learned a lot as I read, and found the extra resources on the encourage a child website added to the experience. I particularly enjoyed the chapter “Listening to the Birds,” which included ways of learning bird songs or calls through mnemonics. This book that will surely motivate children (and adults) to remove themselves from “screen activities such as posting on social media, watching TV or searching the Internet by themselves.”

Highly Recommended.

You can buy Denzil’s book, and view additional resources at


  1. This looks great! My granddaughter of 15 months has a small book with pics of birds and you press a button and listen to their sound, it is her most worn book from when I would press the button for her. Found it at Wetlands centre.

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  2. Brigid, I’m so happy Denzil’s book is being so widely read and reviewed … deservedly so. This is a terrific review and I too enjoyed the chapter on bird song and find myself listening more actively. Also you make an excellent point that ‘. Although the book can be read in a comparatively short period of time, it will provide many, many hours of interactive learning for both adults and children.’ So true! Today we have all been taking part in the annual bird count and having a lot of fun discussing the various birds! Happy Weekend, my friend! 😀🌺

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  3. It sounds like such a lovely book, Brigid. You have provided a very enticing review. I wonder how it would translate to the Australian birds? I have a little grandchild now…
    I’ll go to Denzil’s link and see if I can find out.
    A lovely post 💐

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