My Donegal Garden Awakens to the Joy of Spring

January ended on a cold note with two nights of hard frost, plus a small scattering of snow. Thankfully, it caused no lasting damage in the garden.

The seasons are constantly shifting, and Spring is early again this year. In the past week, temperatures have soared to 17 degrees!

These miniature Narcissus emerged in January, and are still providing a joyful display:

Other spring bulbs in full bloom include Crocus and Muscari.

Lenten Hellebores are early too:

Snowdrops have said “Hello,” and “Goodbye” to their neighbours Pulmonaria and Bleeding Heart.

IMG_7243Tulips are peeking above ground, and some flowers are appearing:

Removing Dead Growth

I have made a start on my list of spring jobs. The first was removing dead growth from around my perennials. This Day Lily was very happy to shed the old and embrace the new:

I deliberately leave this job until spring, as the old growth provides much needed winter shelter for mini-beasts.

To Do List

  • My compost bin needs emptying, to be spread amongst the most needy plants ,
  • My climbing Roses need pruning and feeding,
  • I have seeds to sow once the soil is warmer…

All will be accomplished, and shared in future posts.

A Natural Tonic

No matter how I feel as I step outside, I ALWAYS feel terrific after a spot of gardening.

Coco my neighbour’s cat, is an avid garden lover too!


Until next time, happy gardening.


  1. I have so much awe for you Brigid (and my Mom) for you both are naturals in the garden. There is no doubt that you both put so much love, sweat, and sometimes tears.. in to your flowers, but the bounty always makes it so worthwhile. Thank you for sharing, always. I am lifted up by your posts. Andrea xo

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  2. Hello to all your flowers. They are some of my most favourite things in this world. I always wonder at the love of God to provide us with such delicate creations. And thanks to you for posting photos of some of them which I’ve never seen..

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  3. Aw Coco is cute, does he have some ginger to the side of his face? Sweetie, glad you get a little helping hand and company from the feline neighbour. The Day Lily looks so much better refreshed, and it’s lovely to see flowers blossoming already 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. Looking beautiful. I did two sets of gardening, taking advantage of hot weather. Even cut the grass, clearing, loosening soil, and a bit of tidy up of rose bushes. Still a bit more to do. It is the earliest i have been in the garden for years in terms of it being feb. I hope i keep it up. Thanks for all the tips

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  5. Brigid, your garden is a treat and with this wonderful early warmth the flowers are a beautiful display. 🌺🌼 Gardening is a real tonic and I have spent a few hours the past days outside sorting, pruning, planting. So refreshing and revitalising! I look forward to seeing more of your ‘retreat’ in the coming days and months! X

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  6. Thanks for the photos Brigid, you are further a head than we are, our muscari are just appearing, but I am surprised that the snakes head lilies are beginning to bloom. Mind you This month has been exceptional weatherwsie. Thanks for sharing your garden. it is always a joy to see. Pxx

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  7. Gosh Brigid, your garden is even more advanced than mine – I would be very excited to see the tulip buds already! Have you ever had March tulips? I don’t think we have, but then it is so hard to keep track.

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  8. I was so happy to find your blog again! And just in time for Spring. I’ve been meandering a bit this past six months, so I am happy to be back in the discipline of writing every day and becoming reacquainted with some of some old writing friends and some new ones.

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  9. Your spring is far ahead of mine, Brigid. That’s sort of nice as I can keep track of your garden chores and know what’s coming. I will be pruning roses soon, as soon as the sun comes out for a bit. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the return of color. 🙂

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  10. Oh I didn’t notice that you posted this. I love the beginning of spring after a long winter, your garden is awesome and I love watching the progression as you post it. Beautiful.

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  11. Coco is gorgeous. We have had the early bloomings too but now we have wild winds and rain, it’s always the same for the poor daffies up here, but they are staying strong and our hellebores are so beautiful. xxx

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  12. What a beautiful cat and don’t you just love hellebores? Your garden looks lovely and lush as if it’s just waiting for the warmer days to come…we are, too…we just had another snowfall but today the sun is shining!

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